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GusdContext Class Reference

#include <context.h>

Public Types

enum  Granularity { ONE_FILE, PER_FRAME }
typedef std::function
< UsdStageRefPtr()> 

Public Member Functions

 GusdContext (UsdTimeCode t, Granularity g, const GusdGT_AttrFilter &af)

Public Attributes

UsdTimeCode time
Granularity granularity
bool writeOverlay
bool overlayPoints
bool overlayTransforms
bool overlayPrimvars
bool overlayAll
bool writeStaticGeo
bool writeStaticTopology
bool writeStaticPrimvars
const GusdGT_AttrFilterattributeFilter
std::string primPathAttribute
std::string usdPrototypesPath
std::string usdInstancePath
double usdTimeOffset
double usdTimeScale
bool authorVariantSelections
TfToken purpose
bool makeRefsInstanceable

Detailed Description

A GusdContext structure is created by the ROPs that write USD files and passed to the GusdPrimWrappers to control how they are written to the USD file.

Definition at line 46 of file context.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::function<UsdStageRefPtr ()> GusdContext::GetStageFunc

Definition at line 48 of file context.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 49 of file context.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GusdContext::GusdContext ( UsdTimeCode  t,
Granularity  g,
const GusdGT_AttrFilter af 

Definition at line 51 of file context.h.

Member Data Documentation

const GusdGT_AttrFilter& GusdContext::attributeFilter

Definition at line 90 of file context.h.

bool GusdContext::authorVariantSelections

Definition at line 117 of file context.h.

Granularity GusdContext::granularity

Definition at line 73 of file context.h.

bool GusdContext::makeRefsInstanceable

Definition at line 123 of file context.h.

bool GusdContext::overlayAll

Definition at line 81 of file context.h.

bool GusdContext::overlayPoints

Definition at line 78 of file context.h.

bool GusdContext::overlayPrimvars

Definition at line 80 of file context.h.

bool GusdContext::overlayTransforms

Definition at line 79 of file context.h.

std::string GusdContext::primPathAttribute

Definition at line 94 of file context.h.

TfToken GusdContext::purpose

Definition at line 120 of file context.h.

UsdTimeCode GusdContext::time

Definition at line 70 of file context.h.

std::string GusdContext::usdInstancePath

Definition at line 104 of file context.h.

std::string GusdContext::usdPrototypesPath

Definition at line 99 of file context.h.

double GusdContext::usdTimeOffset

Definition at line 108 of file context.h.

double GusdContext::usdTimeScale

Definition at line 112 of file context.h.

bool GusdContext::writeOverlay

Definition at line 75 of file context.h.

bool GusdContext::writeStaticGeo

Definition at line 85 of file context.h.

bool GusdContext::writeStaticPrimvars

Definition at line 87 of file context.h.

bool GusdContext::writeStaticTopology

Definition at line 86 of file context.h.

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