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GusdErrorTransport Class Reference

#include <error.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for GusdErrorTransport:

Public Member Functions

 GusdErrorTransport (UT_ErrorManager *mgr=UTgetErrorManager())
 GusdErrorTransport (int thread)
void operator() ()
void StealErrors (UT_ErrorManager &victim, UT_ErrorSeverity sev=UT_ERROR_NONE, bool borrowOnly=false)
void StealGlobalErrors (UT_ErrorSeverity sev=UT_ERROR_NONE, bool borrowOnly=false)

Detailed Description

Helper class used to propagate errors from different threads. There is a thread-local UT_ErrorManager for each thread in Houdini. Error reporting methods should generally just call UTaddError(), UTaddWarning(), etc. to report errors, – or GUSD_ERR, and similar helpers above – which will put errors on currently scoped UT_ErrorManager of the active thread. When splitting into threads, though, an additional step is required to pull any error messages from each thread that is spawned, to copy them back into the originating thread.


GusdErrorTransport errTransport;
GusdAutoErrorTransport autoErrTransport(errTransport):

Definition at line 111 of file error.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GusdErrorTransport::GusdErrorTransport ( UT_ErrorManager mgr = UTgetErrorManager())

Definition at line 114 of file error.h.

GusdErrorTransport::GusdErrorTransport ( int  thread)

Definition at line 116 of file error.h.

Member Function Documentation

void GusdErrorTransport::operator() ( )

Definition at line 118 of file error.h.

void GusdErrorTransport::StealErrors ( UT_ErrorManager victim,
UT_ErrorSeverity  sev = UT_ERROR_NONE,
bool  borrowOnly = false 
void GusdErrorTransport::StealGlobalErrors ( UT_ErrorSeverity  sev = UT_ERROR_NONE,
bool  borrowOnly = false 

Definition at line 125 of file error.h.

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