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HUSD_DataHandle Class Reference

#include <HUSD_DataHandle.h>

Public Member Functions

 HUSD_DataHandle (HUSD_MirroringType mirroring=HUSD_NOT_FOR_MIRRORING)
 HUSD_DataHandle (const HUSD_DataHandle &src)
 HUSD_DataHandle (void *stage_ptr)
 HUSD_DataHandle (const UT_StringRef &filepath)
 ~HUSD_DataHandle ()
bool hasData () const
bool matchesResolverContext (const HUSD_DataHandle &other) const
void reset (int nodeid)
const HUSD_DataHandleoperator= (const HUSD_DataHandle &src)
void createNewData (const HUSD_LoadMasksPtr &load_masks=HUSD_LoadMasksPtr(), const HUSD_DataHandle *resolver_context_data=nullptr)
bool createSoftCopy (const HUSD_DataHandle &src, const HUSD_LoadMasksPtr &load_masks, bool make_new_implicit_layer)
bool createCopyWithReplacement (const HUSD_DataHandle &src, const UT_StringRef &frompath, const UT_StringRef &topath, HUSD_MakeNewPathFunc make_new_path, UT_StringSet &replaced_layers)
bool flattenLayers ()
bool flattenStage ()
bool mirror (const HUSD_DataHandle &src, const HUSD_LoadMasks &load_masks)
void clearMirror ()
bool mirrorUpdateRootLayer (const HUSD_MirrorRootLayer &rootlayer)
bool hasLayerColorIndex (int &clridx) const
int layerCount () const
int nodeId () const
HUSD_LoadMasksPtr loadMasks () const
const std::stringrootLayerIdentifier () const
bool isLocked () const
PXR_NS::XUSD_ConstDataPtr readLock (const HUSD_ConstOverridesPtr &overrides, const HUSD_ConstPostLayersPtr &postlayers, bool remove_layer_break) const
PXR_NS::XUSD_DataPtr writeOverridesLock (const HUSD_OverridesPtr &overrides) const
PXR_NS::XUSD_DataPtr writeLock () const
PXR_NS::XUSD_LayerPtr layerLock (PXR_NS::XUSD_DataPtr &data, bool create_change_block) const
void release () const


class HUSD_AutoReadLock

Detailed Description

Definition at line 85 of file HUSD_DataHandle.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HUSD_DataHandle::HUSD_DataHandle ( HUSD_MirroringType  mirroring = HUSD_NOT_FOR_MIRRORING)
HUSD_DataHandle::HUSD_DataHandle ( const HUSD_DataHandle src)
HUSD_DataHandle::HUSD_DataHandle ( void stage_ptr)
HUSD_DataHandle::HUSD_DataHandle ( const UT_StringRef filepath)
HUSD_DataHandle::~HUSD_DataHandle ( )

Member Function Documentation

void HUSD_DataHandle::clearMirror ( )
bool HUSD_DataHandle::createCopyWithReplacement ( const HUSD_DataHandle src,
const UT_StringRef frompath,
const UT_StringRef topath,
HUSD_MakeNewPathFunc  make_new_path,
UT_StringSet replaced_layers 
void HUSD_DataHandle::createNewData ( const HUSD_LoadMasksPtr load_masks = HUSD_LoadMasksPtr(),
const HUSD_DataHandle resolver_context_data = nullptr 
bool HUSD_DataHandle::createSoftCopy ( const HUSD_DataHandle src,
const HUSD_LoadMasksPtr load_masks,
bool  make_new_implicit_layer 
bool HUSD_DataHandle::flattenLayers ( )
bool HUSD_DataHandle::flattenStage ( )
bool HUSD_DataHandle::hasData ( ) const
bool HUSD_DataHandle::hasLayerColorIndex ( int clridx) const
bool HUSD_DataHandle::isLocked ( ) const
int HUSD_DataHandle::layerCount ( ) const
PXR_NS::XUSD_LayerPtr HUSD_DataHandle::layerLock ( PXR_NS::XUSD_DataPtr data,
bool  create_change_block 
) const
HUSD_LoadMasksPtr HUSD_DataHandle::loadMasks ( ) const
bool HUSD_DataHandle::matchesResolverContext ( const HUSD_DataHandle other) const
bool HUSD_DataHandle::mirror ( const HUSD_DataHandle src,
const HUSD_LoadMasks load_masks 
bool HUSD_DataHandle::mirrorUpdateRootLayer ( const HUSD_MirrorRootLayer rootlayer)
int HUSD_DataHandle::nodeId ( ) const

Definition at line 145 of file HUSD_DataHandle.h.

const HUSD_DataHandle& HUSD_DataHandle::operator= ( const HUSD_DataHandle src)
PXR_NS::XUSD_ConstDataPtr HUSD_DataHandle::readLock ( const HUSD_ConstOverridesPtr overrides,
const HUSD_ConstPostLayersPtr postlayers,
bool  remove_layer_break 
) const
void HUSD_DataHandle::release ( ) const
void HUSD_DataHandle::reset ( int  nodeid)
const std::string& HUSD_DataHandle::rootLayerIdentifier ( ) const
PXR_NS::XUSD_DataPtr HUSD_DataHandle::writeLock ( ) const
PXR_NS::XUSD_DataPtr HUSD_DataHandle::writeOverridesLock ( const HUSD_OverridesPtr overrides) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class HUSD_AutoReadLock

Definition at line 169 of file HUSD_DataHandle.h.

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