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HUSD_ObjectImport Class Reference

#include <HUSD_ObjectImport.h>

Public Member Functions

 HUSD_ObjectImport (HUSD_AutoWriteLock &dest)
 ~HUSD_ObjectImport ()
bool importPrim (const OBJ_Node *object, const UT_StringHolder &primpath, const UT_StringHolder &primtype, const UT_StringHolder &primkind) const
void importParameters (const UT_StringHolder &primpath, const OP_Node *object, const HUSD_TimeCode &timecode, const fpreal time, bool firsttime, UT_Set< int > *parmindices=nullptr) const
void importSOP (SOP_Node *sop, OP_Context &context, const UT_StringRef &refprimpath, const UT_StringRef &pathattr, const UT_StringRef &primpath, const UT_StringRef &pathprefix, bool polygonsassubd, const UT_StringRef &subdgroup) const
bool importMaterial (VOP_Node *object, const UT_StringHolder &primpath) const
bool setLightGeometry (const UT_StringHolder &lightprimpath, const UT_StringHolder &geoprimpath) const
bool setLightPortal (const UT_StringHolder &lightprimpath, const UT_StringHolder &geoprimpath) const

Static Public Member Functions

static UT_StringHolder getPrimTypeForObject (const OP_Node *node, UT_Set< int > *parmindices=nullptr)
static UT_StringHolder getPrimKindForObject (const OP_Node *node)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file HUSD_ObjectImport.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HUSD_ObjectImport::HUSD_ObjectImport ( HUSD_AutoWriteLock dest)
HUSD_ObjectImport::~HUSD_ObjectImport ( )

Member Function Documentation

static UT_StringHolder HUSD_ObjectImport::getPrimKindForObject ( const OP_Node node)
static UT_StringHolder HUSD_ObjectImport::getPrimTypeForObject ( const OP_Node node,
UT_Set< int > *  parmindices = nullptr 
bool HUSD_ObjectImport::importMaterial ( VOP_Node object,
const UT_StringHolder primpath 
) const
void HUSD_ObjectImport::importParameters ( const UT_StringHolder primpath,
const OP_Node object,
const HUSD_TimeCode timecode,
const fpreal  time,
bool  firsttime,
UT_Set< int > *  parmindices = nullptr 
) const
bool HUSD_ObjectImport::importPrim ( const OBJ_Node object,
const UT_StringHolder primpath,
const UT_StringHolder primtype,
const UT_StringHolder primkind 
) const
void HUSD_ObjectImport::importSOP ( SOP_Node sop,
OP_Context context,
const UT_StringRef refprimpath,
const UT_StringRef pathattr,
const UT_StringRef primpath,
const UT_StringRef pathprefix,
bool  polygonsassubd,
const UT_StringRef subdgroup 
) const
bool HUSD_ObjectImport::setLightGeometry ( const UT_StringHolder lightprimpath,
const UT_StringHolder geoprimpath 
) const
bool HUSD_ObjectImport::setLightPortal ( const UT_StringHolder lightprimpath,
const UT_StringHolder geoprimpath 
) const

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