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HUSD_PathSet Class Reference

#include <HUSD_PathSet.h>


class  iterator

Public Member Functions

 HUSD_PathSet ()
 HUSD_PathSet (const HUSD_PathSet &src)
 HUSD_PathSet (const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &src)
 ~HUSD_PathSet ()
const HUSD_PathSetoperator= (const HUSD_PathSet &src)
bool operator== (const HUSD_PathSet &other) const
bool operator!= (const HUSD_PathSet &other) const
const HUSD_PathSetoperator= (const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &src)
bool operator== (const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &other) const
bool operator!= (const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &other) const
bool empty () const
size_t size () const
bool contains (const UT_StringRef &path) const
bool contains (const HUSD_Path &path) const
bool containsPathOrAncestor (const UT_StringRef &path) const
bool containsPathOrAncestor (const HUSD_Path &path) const
bool containsPathOrDescendant (const UT_StringRef &path) const
bool containsPathOrDescendant (const HUSD_Path &path) const
void clear ()
void insert (const HUSD_PathSet &other)
void insert (const HUSD_Path &path)
void insert (const UT_StringRef &path)
void insert (const UT_StringArray &paths)
void erase (const HUSD_PathSet &other)
void erase (const HUSD_Path &path)
void erase (const UT_StringRef &path)
void erase (const UT_StringArray &paths)
void swap (HUSD_PathSet &other)
PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet & sdfPathSet ()
const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet & sdfPathSet () const
voidgetPythonPathList () const
bool setPythonPaths (void *primpaths)
void getPathsAsStrings (UT_StringArray &paths) const
UT_StringHolder getFirstPathAsString () const
size_t getMemoryUsage () const
iterator begin () const
iterator end () const

Static Public Member Functions

static const HUSD_PathSetgetEmptyPathSet ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file HUSD_PathSet.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HUSD_PathSet::HUSD_PathSet ( )
HUSD_PathSet::HUSD_PathSet ( const HUSD_PathSet src)
HUSD_PathSet::HUSD_PathSet ( const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &  src)
HUSD_PathSet::~HUSD_PathSet ( )

Member Function Documentation

iterator HUSD_PathSet::begin ( ) const
void HUSD_PathSet::clear ( )
bool HUSD_PathSet::contains ( const UT_StringRef path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::contains ( const HUSD_Path path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::containsPathOrAncestor ( const UT_StringRef path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::containsPathOrAncestor ( const HUSD_Path path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::containsPathOrDescendant ( const UT_StringRef path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::containsPathOrDescendant ( const HUSD_Path path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::empty ( ) const
iterator HUSD_PathSet::end ( ) const
void HUSD_PathSet::erase ( const HUSD_PathSet other)
void HUSD_PathSet::erase ( const HUSD_Path path)
void HUSD_PathSet::erase ( const UT_StringRef path)
void HUSD_PathSet::erase ( const UT_StringArray paths)
static const HUSD_PathSet& HUSD_PathSet::getEmptyPathSet ( )
UT_StringHolder HUSD_PathSet::getFirstPathAsString ( ) const
size_t HUSD_PathSet::getMemoryUsage ( ) const
void HUSD_PathSet::getPathsAsStrings ( UT_StringArray paths) const
void* HUSD_PathSet::getPythonPathList ( ) const
void HUSD_PathSet::insert ( const HUSD_PathSet other)
void HUSD_PathSet::insert ( const HUSD_Path path)
void HUSD_PathSet::insert ( const UT_StringRef path)
void HUSD_PathSet::insert ( const UT_StringArray paths)
bool HUSD_PathSet::operator!= ( const HUSD_PathSet other) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::operator!= ( const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &  other) const
const HUSD_PathSet& HUSD_PathSet::operator= ( const HUSD_PathSet src)
const HUSD_PathSet& HUSD_PathSet::operator= ( const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &  src)
bool HUSD_PathSet::operator== ( const HUSD_PathSet other) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::operator== ( const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &  other) const
PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet& HUSD_PathSet::sdfPathSet ( )

Definition at line 76 of file HUSD_PathSet.h.

const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet& HUSD_PathSet::sdfPathSet ( ) const

Definition at line 78 of file HUSD_PathSet.h.

bool HUSD_PathSet::setPythonPaths ( void primpaths)
size_t HUSD_PathSet::size ( ) const
void HUSD_PathSet::swap ( HUSD_PathSet other)

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