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HUSD_PathSet Class Reference

#include <HUSD_PathSet.h>


class  iterator

Public Member Functions

 HUSD_PathSet ()
 HUSD_PathSet (const HUSD_PathSet &src)
 HUSD_PathSet (const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &src)
 HUSD_PathSet (std::initializer_list< HUSD_Path > init)
 ~HUSD_PathSet ()
const HUSD_PathSetoperator= (const HUSD_PathSet &src)
bool operator== (const HUSD_PathSet &other) const
bool operator!= (const HUSD_PathSet &other) const
const HUSD_PathSetoperator= (const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &src)
bool operator== (const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &other) const
bool operator!= (const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &other) const
bool empty () const
size_t size () const
bool contains (const UT_StringRef &path) const
bool contains (const HUSD_Path &path) const
bool contains (const HUSD_PathSet &paths) const
bool containsPathOrAncestor (const UT_StringRef &path) const
bool containsPathOrAncestor (const HUSD_Path &path) const
bool containsAncestor (const HUSD_Path &path) const
bool containsPathOrDescendant (const UT_StringRef &path) const
bool containsPathOrDescendant (const HUSD_Path &path) const
bool containsDescendant (const HUSD_Path &path) const
void clear ()
void insert (const HUSD_PathSet &other)
bool insert (const HUSD_Path &path)
bool insert (const UT_StringRef &path)
void insert (const UT_StringArray &paths)
void erase (const HUSD_PathSet &other)
bool erase (const HUSD_Path &path)
bool erase (const UT_StringRef &path)
void erase (const UT_StringArray &paths)
void swap (HUSD_PathSet &other)
void removeDescendants ()
void removeAncestors ()
PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet & sdfPathSet ()
const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet & sdfPathSet () const
voidgetPythonPathList () const
bool setPythonPaths (void *primpaths)
void getPathsAsStrings (UT_StringArray &paths) const
void getPathsAsStrings (UT_StringSet &paths) const
UT_StringHolder getFirstPathAsString () const
size_t getMemoryUsage () const
iterator begin () const
iterator end () const

Static Public Member Functions

static const HUSD_PathSetgetEmptyPathSet ()

Detailed Description

This class is a "safe" wrapper around an XUSD_PathSet (which is itself a wrapper around an SdfPathSet). This class provides a bunch of convenient signatures for operating with HUSD_Path and UT_StringRef objects.

The iterator implementation is fairly lacking, and only really useful for simple walking through the set because of the need to hide the SdfPathSet class and it's iterator class. So HUSD_PathSet::iterator uses a void * that points to an SdfPathSet::iterator, but it allocates that iterator with new(). So some nice APIs like "iterator erase(iterator)" would be very inefficient with HUSD_PathSet::iterator, and so are not implemented.

Definition at line 48 of file HUSD_PathSet.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HUSD_PathSet::HUSD_PathSet ( )
HUSD_PathSet::HUSD_PathSet ( const HUSD_PathSet src)
HUSD_PathSet::HUSD_PathSet ( const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &  src)
HUSD_PathSet::HUSD_PathSet ( std::initializer_list< HUSD_Path init)
HUSD_PathSet::~HUSD_PathSet ( )

Member Function Documentation

iterator HUSD_PathSet::begin ( ) const
void HUSD_PathSet::clear ( )
bool HUSD_PathSet::contains ( const UT_StringRef path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::contains ( const HUSD_Path path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::contains ( const HUSD_PathSet paths) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::containsAncestor ( const HUSD_Path path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::containsDescendant ( const HUSD_Path path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::containsPathOrAncestor ( const UT_StringRef path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::containsPathOrAncestor ( const HUSD_Path path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::containsPathOrDescendant ( const UT_StringRef path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::containsPathOrDescendant ( const HUSD_Path path) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::empty ( ) const
iterator HUSD_PathSet::end ( ) const
void HUSD_PathSet::erase ( const HUSD_PathSet other)
bool HUSD_PathSet::erase ( const HUSD_Path path)
bool HUSD_PathSet::erase ( const UT_StringRef path)
void HUSD_PathSet::erase ( const UT_StringArray paths)
static const HUSD_PathSet& HUSD_PathSet::getEmptyPathSet ( )
UT_StringHolder HUSD_PathSet::getFirstPathAsString ( ) const
size_t HUSD_PathSet::getMemoryUsage ( ) const
void HUSD_PathSet::getPathsAsStrings ( UT_StringArray paths) const
void HUSD_PathSet::getPathsAsStrings ( UT_StringSet paths) const
void* HUSD_PathSet::getPythonPathList ( ) const
void HUSD_PathSet::insert ( const HUSD_PathSet other)
bool HUSD_PathSet::insert ( const HUSD_Path path)
bool HUSD_PathSet::insert ( const UT_StringRef path)
void HUSD_PathSet::insert ( const UT_StringArray paths)
bool HUSD_PathSet::operator!= ( const HUSD_PathSet other) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::operator!= ( const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &  other) const
const HUSD_PathSet& HUSD_PathSet::operator= ( const HUSD_PathSet src)
const HUSD_PathSet& HUSD_PathSet::operator= ( const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &  src)
bool HUSD_PathSet::operator== ( const HUSD_PathSet other) const
bool HUSD_PathSet::operator== ( const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet &  other) const
void HUSD_PathSet::removeAncestors ( )
void HUSD_PathSet::removeDescendants ( )
PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet& HUSD_PathSet::sdfPathSet ( )

Definition at line 95 of file HUSD_PathSet.h.

const PXR_NS::XUSD_PathSet& HUSD_PathSet::sdfPathSet ( ) const

Definition at line 97 of file HUSD_PathSet.h.

bool HUSD_PathSet::setPythonPaths ( void primpaths)
size_t HUSD_PathSet::size ( ) const
void HUSD_PathSet::swap ( HUSD_PathSet other)

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