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HUSD_PrimHandle Class Reference

#include <HUSD_PrimHandle.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HUSD_PrimHandle:

Public Member Functions

 HUSD_PrimHandle ()
 HUSD_PrimHandle (const HUSD_DataHandle &data_handle, const HUSD_Path &prim_path=HUSD_Path::theRootPrimPath)
 HUSD_PrimHandle (const HUSD_DataHandle &data_handle, const HUSD_ConstOverridesPtr &overrides, OverridesHandling overrides_handling, const HUSD_Path &prim_path=HUSD_Path::theRootPrimPath)
 ~HUSD_PrimHandle () override
const HUSD_DataHandledataHandle () const override
const HUSD_ConstOverridesPtroverrides () const override
HUSD_PrimStatus getStatus () const
UT_StringHolder getPrimType () const
UT_StringHolder getVariantInfo () const
UT_StringHolder getKind () const
UT_StringHolder getDrawMode (bool *has_override=nullptr) const
UT_StringHolder getPurpose () const
UT_StringHolder getProxyPath () const
UT_StringHolder getSpecifier () const
UT_StringHolder getIcon () const
HUSD_PrimAttribState getActive () const
HUSD_PrimAttribState getVisible (const HUSD_TimeCode &timecode) const
HUSD_SoloState getSoloState () const
int64 getDescendants (HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands demands) const
bool hasAnyOverrides () const
bool hasPayload () const
bool isDefined () const
bool hasChildren (HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands demands) const
void getChildren (UT_Array< HUSD_PrimHandle > &children, HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands demands) const
void getProperties (UT_Array< HUSD_PropertyHandle > &props, bool include_attributes, bool include_relationships, bool include_shader_inputs) const
void getAttributeNames (UT_ArrayStringSet &attrib_names) const
void extractAttributes (const UT_ArrayStringSet &which_attribs, const HUSD_TimeCode &tc, UT_Options &values)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HUSD_ObjectHandle
 HUSD_ObjectHandle (OverridesHandling overrides_handling=OVERRIDES_IGNORE)
 HUSD_ObjectHandle (const HUSD_Path &path, OverridesHandling overrides_handling=OVERRIDES_IGNORE)
virtual ~HUSD_ObjectHandle ()
OverridesHandling overridesHandling () const
const HUSD_Pathpath () const
bool isValid () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from HUSD_ObjectHandle

Detailed Description

Definition at line 86 of file HUSD_PrimHandle.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HUSD_PrimHandle::HUSD_PrimHandle ( )
HUSD_PrimHandle::HUSD_PrimHandle ( const HUSD_DataHandle data_handle,
const HUSD_Path prim_path = HUSD_Path::theRootPrimPath 
HUSD_PrimHandle::HUSD_PrimHandle ( const HUSD_DataHandle data_handle,
const HUSD_ConstOverridesPtr overrides,
OverridesHandling  overrides_handling,
const HUSD_Path prim_path = HUSD_Path::theRootPrimPath 
HUSD_PrimHandle::~HUSD_PrimHandle ( )

Member Function Documentation

const HUSD_DataHandle& HUSD_PrimHandle::dataHandle ( ) const

Implements HUSD_ObjectHandle.

void HUSD_PrimHandle::extractAttributes ( const UT_ArrayStringSet which_attribs,
const HUSD_TimeCode tc,
UT_Options values 
HUSD_PrimAttribState HUSD_PrimHandle::getActive ( ) const
void HUSD_PrimHandle::getAttributeNames ( UT_ArrayStringSet attrib_names) const
void HUSD_PrimHandle::getChildren ( UT_Array< HUSD_PrimHandle > &  children,
HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands  demands 
) const
int64 HUSD_PrimHandle::getDescendants ( HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands  demands) const
UT_StringHolder HUSD_PrimHandle::getDrawMode ( bool *  has_override = nullptr) const
UT_StringHolder HUSD_PrimHandle::getIcon ( ) const
UT_StringHolder HUSD_PrimHandle::getKind ( ) const
UT_StringHolder HUSD_PrimHandle::getPrimType ( ) const
void HUSD_PrimHandle::getProperties ( UT_Array< HUSD_PropertyHandle > &  props,
bool  include_attributes,
bool  include_relationships,
bool  include_shader_inputs 
) const
UT_StringHolder HUSD_PrimHandle::getProxyPath ( ) const
UT_StringHolder HUSD_PrimHandle::getPurpose ( ) const
HUSD_SoloState HUSD_PrimHandle::getSoloState ( ) const
UT_StringHolder HUSD_PrimHandle::getSpecifier ( ) const
HUSD_PrimStatus HUSD_PrimHandle::getStatus ( ) const
UT_StringHolder HUSD_PrimHandle::getVariantInfo ( ) const
HUSD_PrimAttribState HUSD_PrimHandle::getVisible ( const HUSD_TimeCode timecode) const
bool HUSD_PrimHandle::hasAnyOverrides ( ) const
bool HUSD_PrimHandle::hasChildren ( HUSD_PrimTraversalDemands  demands) const
bool HUSD_PrimHandle::hasPayload ( ) const
bool HUSD_PrimHandle::isDefined ( ) const
const HUSD_ConstOverridesPtr& HUSD_PrimHandle::overrides ( ) const

Implements HUSD_ObjectHandle.

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