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HdSamplerParameters Class Reference

#include <types.h>

Public Member Functions

HD_API HdSamplerParameters ()
HD_API HdSamplerParameters (HdWrap wrapS, HdWrap wrapT, HdWrap wrapR, HdMinFilter minFilter, HdMagFilter magFilter, HdBorderColor borderColor=HdBorderColorTransparentBlack, bool enableCompare=false, HdCompareFunction compareFunction=HdCmpFuncNever)
HD_API bool operator== (const HdSamplerParameters &other) const
HD_API bool operator!= (const HdSamplerParameters &other) const

Public Attributes

HdWrap wrapS
HdWrap wrapT
HdWrap wrapR
HdMinFilter minFilter
HdMagFilter magFilter
HdBorderColor borderColor
bool enableCompare
HdCompareFunction compareFunction

Detailed Description

Collection of standard parameters such as wrap modes to sample a texture.

Definition at line 127 of file types.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HD_API HdSamplerParameters::HdSamplerParameters ( )
HD_API HdSamplerParameters::HdSamplerParameters ( HdWrap  wrapS,
HdWrap  wrapT,
HdWrap  wrapR,
HdMinFilter  minFilter,
HdMagFilter  magFilter,
HdBorderColor  borderColor = HdBorderColorTransparentBlack,
bool  enableCompare = false,
HdCompareFunction  compareFunction = HdCmpFuncNever 

Member Function Documentation

HD_API bool HdSamplerParameters::operator== ( const HdSamplerParameters other) const

Member Data Documentation

HdBorderColor HdSamplerParameters::borderColor

Definition at line 134 of file types.h.

HdCompareFunction HdSamplerParameters::compareFunction

Definition at line 136 of file types.h.

bool HdSamplerParameters::enableCompare

Definition at line 135 of file types.h.

HdMagFilter HdSamplerParameters::magFilter

Definition at line 133 of file types.h.

HdMinFilter HdSamplerParameters::minFilter

Definition at line 132 of file types.h.

HdWrap HdSamplerParameters::wrapR

Definition at line 131 of file types.h.

HdWrap HdSamplerParameters::wrapS

Definition at line 129 of file types.h.

HdWrap HdSamplerParameters::wrapT

Definition at line 130 of file types.h.

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