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HdSceneIndexNameRegistry Class Reference

#include <sceneIndex.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HdSceneIndexNameRegistry:

Public Member Functions

HD_API void RegisterNamedSceneIndex (const std::string &name, HdSceneIndexBasePtr instance)
HD_API std::vector< std::stringGetRegisteredNames ()
HD_API HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr GetNamedSceneIndex (const std::string &name)

Static Public Member Functions

static HD_API
GetInstance ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TfSingleton< HdSceneIndexNameRegistry >
static HdSceneIndexNameRegistryGetInstance ()
static bool CurrentlyExists ()
static void SetInstanceConstructed (HdSceneIndexNameRegistry &instance)
static void DeleteInstance ()


class TfSingleton< HdSceneIndexNameRegistry >

Detailed Description

A registry containing named instances of Hydra indexes. Scene Indexes are not automatically registered here, and must be manually added (generally by the application).

Definition at line 247 of file sceneIndex.h.

Member Function Documentation

static HD_API HdSceneIndexNameRegistry& HdSceneIndexNameRegistry::GetInstance ( )

Returns the singleton-instance of this registry.

Definition at line 259 of file sceneIndex.h.

HD_API HdSceneIndexBaseRefPtr HdSceneIndexNameRegistry::GetNamedSceneIndex ( const std::string name)

Returns the scene index that was registered with the given name.

HD_API std::vector<std::string> HdSceneIndexNameRegistry::GetRegisteredNames ( )

Returns the names of all registered scene indexes.

HD_API void HdSceneIndexNameRegistry::RegisterNamedSceneIndex ( const std::string name,
HdSceneIndexBasePtr  instance 

Registers an instance of a scene index with a given name.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

Definition at line 250 of file sceneIndex.h.

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