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HdSt_ImageShaderRenderPass Class Referencefinal

#include <imageShaderRenderPass.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for HdSt_ImageShaderRenderPass:

Public Member Functions

HDST_API HdSt_ImageShaderRenderPass (HdRenderIndex *index, HdRprimCollection const &collection)
virtual HDST_API ~HdSt_ImageShaderRenderPass ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from HdRenderPass
HD_API HdRenderPass (HdRenderIndex *index, HdRprimCollection const &collection)
virtual HD_API ~HdRenderPass ()
HdRprimCollection constGetRprimCollection () const
 Returns the HdRprimCollection to be drawn by this RenderPass. More...
HD_API void SetRprimCollection (HdRprimCollection const &col)
HdDirtyListSharedPtr constGetDirtyList () const
HdRenderIndexGetRenderIndex () const
 Return the render index. More...
HD_API void Sync ()
 Sync the render pass resources. More...
HD_API void Prepare (TfTokenVector const &renderTags)
 Prepare renderpass data. More...
HD_API void Execute (HdRenderPassStateSharedPtr const &renderPassState, TfTokenVector const &renderTags)
 Execute a subset of buckets of this renderpass. More...
virtual bool IsConverged () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void _Prepare (TfTokenVector const &renderTags) override
 Optional API: let derived classes prepare data. More...
virtual void _Execute (HdRenderPassStateSharedPtr const &renderPassState, TfTokenVector const &renderTags) override
virtual void _MarkCollectionDirty () override
 Optional API: let derived classes mark their collection tracking as dirty. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HdRenderPass
virtual void _Sync ()
 Optional API: let derived classes sync data. More...

Detailed Description

A single, full-screen triangle render pass. The task that creates this RenderPass should set a RenderPassShader on the RenderPassState. The RenderPassShader is your full-screen post-effect. The benefit of using RenderPassShader is that it participates in codegen. This means your full-screen shader can use buffers created by other tasks.

Definition at line 54 of file imageShaderRenderPass.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HDST_API HdSt_ImageShaderRenderPass::HdSt_ImageShaderRenderPass ( HdRenderIndex index,
HdRprimCollection const collection 
virtual HDST_API HdSt_ImageShaderRenderPass::~HdSt_ImageShaderRenderPass ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void HdSt_ImageShaderRenderPass::_Execute ( HdRenderPassStateSharedPtr const renderPassState,
TfTokenVector const renderTags 

Virtual API: Execute the buckets corresponding to renderTags; renderTags.empty() implies execute everything.

Implements HdRenderPass.

virtual void HdSt_ImageShaderRenderPass::_MarkCollectionDirty ( )

Optional API: let derived classes mark their collection tracking as dirty.

Reimplemented from HdRenderPass.

virtual void HdSt_ImageShaderRenderPass::_Prepare ( TfTokenVector const renderTags)

Optional API: let derived classes prepare data.

Reimplemented from HdRenderPass.

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