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PI_Manager Class Reference

#include <PI_Manager.h>

Public Member Functions

UT_String getFreePIName (const char *name) const
int addPI (const char *name, const PI_OpHandleLink *refpi)
int addPI (const char *name, const char *pitype)
void removePI (PI_OHLPersistent *pi)
void removeAllPIs ()
int getPIIndex (const char *name) const
int getPIIndex (const PI_OpHandleLink &pi) const
int getNumPIs () const
PI_OHLPersistentgetPI (int index) const
void swapPIs (int idx1, int idx2)
UT_String getFreeGroupName (const char *name) const
int addGroup (const char *name)
void removeGroup (PI_OHLGroup *group)
int getGroupIndex (const char *name) const
int getNumGroups () const
PI_OHLGroupgetGroup (int index) const
void swapGroups (int idx1, int idx2)
void addPItoGroup (int pi, int group)
void removePIfromGroup (int pi, int group)
void clearGroup (int group)
void addPICallback (PI_PICallback cb, void *data)
void removePICallback (PI_PICallback cb, void *data)
void piChanged (PI_OHLPersistent *pi, PI_ChangeType ctype) const
void addGroupCallback (PI_GroupCallback cb, void *data)
void removeGroupCallback (PI_GroupCallback cb, void *data)
void groupChanged (PI_OHLGroup *group, PI_ChangeType ctype) const
OP_ERROR savePersistentPIs (std::ostream &os, int i=-1) const
OP_ERROR savePersistentGroups (std::ostream &os, int i=-1) const
void getRefreshPICommands (std::ostream &commands, UT_ValArray< OP_Node * > &fromOps, UT_ValArray< OP_Node * > &toOps)
void getRefreshPICommands (std::ostream &commands, OP_Node *op)


PI_API PI_ManagerPIgetManager ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file PI_Manager.h.

Member Function Documentation

int PI_Manager::addGroup ( const char *  name)
void PI_Manager::addGroupCallback ( PI_GroupCallback  cb,
void data 
int PI_Manager::addPI ( const char *  name,
const PI_OpHandleLink refpi 
int PI_Manager::addPI ( const char *  name,
const char *  pitype 
void PI_Manager::addPICallback ( PI_PICallback  cb,
void data 
void PI_Manager::addPItoGroup ( int  pi,
int  group 
void PI_Manager::clearGroup ( int  group)
UT_String PI_Manager::getFreeGroupName ( const char *  name) const
UT_String PI_Manager::getFreePIName ( const char *  name) const
PI_OHLGroup* PI_Manager::getGroup ( int  index) const
int PI_Manager::getGroupIndex ( const char *  name) const
int PI_Manager::getNumGroups ( ) const
int PI_Manager::getNumPIs ( ) const
PI_OHLPersistent* PI_Manager::getPI ( int  index) const
int PI_Manager::getPIIndex ( const char *  name) const
int PI_Manager::getPIIndex ( const PI_OpHandleLink pi) const
void PI_Manager::getRefreshPICommands ( std::ostream &  commands,
UT_ValArray< OP_Node * > &  fromOps,
UT_ValArray< OP_Node * > &  toOps 
void PI_Manager::getRefreshPICommands ( std::ostream &  commands,
OP_Node op 
void PI_Manager::groupChanged ( PI_OHLGroup group,
PI_ChangeType  ctype 
) const
void PI_Manager::piChanged ( PI_OHLPersistent pi,
PI_ChangeType  ctype 
) const
void PI_Manager::removeAllPIs ( )
void PI_Manager::removeGroup ( PI_OHLGroup group)
void PI_Manager::removeGroupCallback ( PI_GroupCallback  cb,
void data 
void PI_Manager::removePI ( PI_OHLPersistent pi)
void PI_Manager::removePICallback ( PI_PICallback  cb,
void data 
void PI_Manager::removePIfromGroup ( int  pi,
int  group 
OP_ERROR PI_Manager::savePersistentGroups ( std::ostream &  os,
int  i = -1 
) const
OP_ERROR PI_Manager::savePersistentPIs ( std::ostream &  os,
int  i = -1 
) const
void PI_Manager::swapGroups ( int  idx1,
int  idx2 
void PI_Manager::swapPIs ( int  idx1,
int  idx2 

Friends And Related Function Documentation

PI_API PI_Manager* PIgetManager ( )

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