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PRM_Conditional Class Reference

#include <PRM_Conditional.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for PRM_Conditional:

Public Member Functions

 PRM_Conditional (PRM_ConditionalType type=PRM_CONDTYPE_DISABLE)
 PRM_Conditional (const PRM_Conditional &other)
 PRM_Conditional (const char *conditional, PRM_ConditionalType type=PRM_CONDTYPE_DISABLE)
 ~PRM_Conditional () override
int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive) const override
PRM_ConditionalGroupType groupType () const override
PRM_ConditionalType getType () const
const char * getName (bool label) const
PRM_ConditionalBaseinstance (const UT_IntArray &indices) const override
PRM_ConditionalgetConditional (PRM_ConditionalType type) override
const PRM_ConditionalgetConditional (PRM_ConditionalType type) const override
int entries () const
const PRM_ConditionalInfooperator() (int index) const
const PRM_Conditionaloperator= (const PRM_Conditional &src)
void clear ()
PRM_ConditionalInfocreateInfo ()
void getStringFromList (UT_StringHolder &str, const UT_StringArray *validparms=nullptr) const
void getStringFromList (UT_String &str) const
void getStringFromList (UT_String &str, const UT_StringArray &validparms) const
bool setListFromString (const char *conditional, UT_StringHolder &error)
bool eval (const PRM_Parm &prm, const PRM_ParmList &pl, const UT_StringArray *skip_parms) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from PRM_ConditionalBase
virtual ~PRM_ConditionalBase ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * getName (PRM_ConditionalType type, bool label)
static bool verifyConditionalString (const char *conditional, UT_StringHolder &error)
static bool getOperatorFromString (const char *testoperator, PRM_ConditionalOperator &op)
static bool isValidOperator (const char *testoperator)

Detailed Description

This class allow setting a single conditional type for a PRM_Template. If multiple conditional types are required, use PRM_ConditionalGroup.

Definition at line 144 of file PRM_Conditional.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PRM_Conditional::PRM_Conditional ( PRM_ConditionalType  type = PRM_CONDTYPE_DISABLE)
PRM_Conditional::PRM_Conditional ( const PRM_Conditional other)
PRM_Conditional::PRM_Conditional ( const char *  conditional,
PRM_ConditionalType  type = PRM_CONDTYPE_DISABLE 
PRM_Conditional::~PRM_Conditional ( )

Member Function Documentation

void PRM_Conditional::clear ( )
PRM_ConditionalInfo* PRM_Conditional::createInfo ( )
int PRM_Conditional::entries ( ) const
bool PRM_Conditional::eval ( const PRM_Parm prm,
const PRM_ParmList pl,
const UT_StringArray skip_parms 
) const
PRM_Conditional* PRM_Conditional::getConditional ( PRM_ConditionalType  type)

Implements PRM_ConditionalBase.

const PRM_Conditional* PRM_Conditional::getConditional ( PRM_ConditionalType  type) const

Implements PRM_ConditionalBase.

int64 PRM_Conditional::getMemoryUsage ( bool  inclusive) const

Implements PRM_ConditionalBase.

static const char* PRM_Conditional::getName ( PRM_ConditionalType  type,
bool  label 
const char* PRM_Conditional::getName ( bool  label) const
static bool PRM_Conditional::getOperatorFromString ( const char *  testoperator,
PRM_ConditionalOperator op 
void PRM_Conditional::getStringFromList ( UT_StringHolder str,
const UT_StringArray validparms = nullptr 
) const
void PRM_Conditional::getStringFromList ( UT_String str) const
void PRM_Conditional::getStringFromList ( UT_String str,
const UT_StringArray validparms 
) const
PRM_ConditionalType PRM_Conditional::getType ( ) const

Definition at line 159 of file PRM_Conditional.h.

PRM_ConditionalGroupType PRM_Conditional::groupType ( ) const

Implements PRM_ConditionalBase.

Definition at line 157 of file PRM_Conditional.h.

PRM_ConditionalBase* PRM_Conditional::instance ( const UT_IntArray indices) const

Implements PRM_ConditionalBase.

static bool PRM_Conditional::isValidOperator ( const char *  testoperator)
const PRM_ConditionalInfo* PRM_Conditional::operator() ( int  index) const
const PRM_Conditional& PRM_Conditional::operator= ( const PRM_Conditional src)
bool PRM_Conditional::setListFromString ( const char *  conditional,
UT_StringHolder error 
static bool PRM_Conditional::verifyConditionalString ( const char *  conditional,
UT_StringHolder error 

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