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PRM_TemplateBuilder Class Reference

Constructs a PRM_Template list from an embedded .ds file or an istream. More...

#include <PRM_TemplateBuilder.h>

Public Member Functions

 PRM_TemplateBuilder (const UT_StringHolder &name, const char *dstext, const char **cpp_options=nullptr)
 PRM_TemplateBuilder (const UT_StringHolder &name, UT_IStream &stream, const char **cpp_options=nullptr)
 ~PRM_TemplateBuilder ()
PRM_Templatetemplates () const
int templateLength () const
void setCallback (const UT_StringRef &name, PRM_Callback callback)
void setChoiceListPtr (const UT_StringRef &name, PRM_ChoiceList *list)
void setNoResim (const UT_StringRef &name, bool noresim)
void setNoCook (const UT_StringRef &name, bool nocook)
bool justBuilt ()
PRM_TemplatefindTemplate (const UT_StringRef &name)
 Returns a template pointer by name. Searches nested multiparms. More...

Detailed Description

Constructs a PRM_Template list from an embedded .ds file or an istream.

Definition at line 26 of file PRM_TemplateBuilder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PRM_TemplateBuilder::PRM_TemplateBuilder ( const UT_StringHolder name,
const char *  dstext,
const char **  cpp_options = nullptr 
PRM_TemplateBuilder::PRM_TemplateBuilder ( const UT_StringHolder name,
UT_IStream stream,
const char **  cpp_options = nullptr 
PRM_TemplateBuilder::~PRM_TemplateBuilder ( )

Member Function Documentation

PRM_Template* PRM_TemplateBuilder::findTemplate ( const UT_StringRef name)

Returns a template pointer by name. Searches nested multiparms.

bool PRM_TemplateBuilder::justBuilt ( )

Returns if it was just built, used for any successive one time initialization. Calling this function will mark it as built.

void PRM_TemplateBuilder::setCallback ( const UT_StringRef name,
PRM_Callback  callback 
void PRM_TemplateBuilder::setChoiceListPtr ( const UT_StringRef name,
PRM_ChoiceList list 
void PRM_TemplateBuilder::setNoCook ( const UT_StringRef name,
bool  nocook 
void PRM_TemplateBuilder::setNoResim ( const UT_StringRef name,
bool  noresim 
int PRM_TemplateBuilder::templateLength ( ) const

Definition at line 37 of file PRM_TemplateBuilder.h.

PRM_Template* PRM_TemplateBuilder::templates ( ) const

Definition at line 35 of file PRM_TemplateBuilder.h.

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