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PcpDynamicFileFormatContext Class Reference

#include <dynamicFileFormatContext.h>

Public Types

using VtValueVector = std::vector< VtValue >

Public Member Functions

PCP_API ~PcpDynamicFileFormatContext ()=default
PCP_API bool ComposeValue (const TfToken &field, VtValue *value) const
PCP_API bool ComposeValueStack (const TfToken &field, VtValueVector *values) const


PcpDynamicFileFormatContext Pcp_CreateDynamicFileFormatContext (const PcpNodeRef &, PcpPrimIndex_StackFrame *, TfToken::Set *)
 Access to private constructor. Should only be called by prim indexing. More...

Detailed Description

Context object for the current state of a prim index that is being built that allows implementations of PcpDynamicFileFormatInterface to compose field values when generating dynamic file format arguments. The context allows us to iterate over all nodes that have already been composed looking for the strongest opinion for a relevant field.

Definition at line 43 of file dynamicFileFormatContext.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 46 of file dynamicFileFormatContext.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PCP_API PcpDynamicFileFormatContext::~PcpDynamicFileFormatContext ( )

Member Function Documentation

PCP_API bool PcpDynamicFileFormatContext::ComposeValue ( const TfToken field,
VtValue value 
) const

Compose the value of the given field and return its current strongest opinion. For dictionary valued fields this will be a dictionary containing the strongest value for each individual key. Returns true if a value for the field was found.

PCP_API bool PcpDynamicFileFormatContext::ComposeValueStack ( const TfToken field,
VtValueVector values 
) const

Compose the values of the given field returning all available opinions ordered from strongest to weakest. For dictionary valued fields, the dictionaries from each opinion are not composed together at each step and are instead returned in the list as is. Returns true if a value for the field was found.

Note that this is slower than ComposeValue, especially for non-dictionary valued fields, and should only be used if knowing more than just the strongest value is necessary.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

PcpDynamicFileFormatContext Pcp_CreateDynamicFileFormatContext ( const PcpNodeRef ,
PcpPrimIndex_StackFrame *  ,

Access to private constructor. Should only be called by prim indexing.

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