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RE_ElementArray Class Reference

#include <RE_ElementArray.h>

Public Member Functions

 RE_ElementArray (bool use_buffers=true)
 ~RE_ElementArray ()
int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive) const
void setCacheName (const char *cachename)
void setCacheVersion (RE_CacheVersion version)
RE_CacheVersion getCacheVersion () const
bool findCachedVersion (RE_CacheVersion version)
void setElementType (RE_GPUType type)
void setPrimitiveType (RE_PrimType type, int vertices_per_patch=0)
void setNumPoints (int points)
void tessellateToTriangles (bool enable)
void requirePrimInfo (bool enable)
void requireVertexInfo (bool enable)
bool beginPrims (RE_Render *r, bool clear_old=false, int num_vertex_hint=0)
bool addPrim (RE_Render *r, int npnts, int *pnt_indices, int *prim_info=nullptr, uint8 *vert_info=nullptr, int base_prim=-1, int base_vert=-1)
bool addPrims (RE_Render *r, int npnts, int *prim_indices, int *prim_info=nullptr, uint8 *vert_info=nullptr, bool simple_pindex=false, int pindex_start=0)
bool addTriangle (RE_Render *r, int *pnt_indices, int *prim_info, uint8 *vert_info)
bool endPrims (RE_Render *r)
bool addTriangleChunk (RE_Render *r, int num_triangles, const int *pnt_indices, const int *prim_info=nullptr, const uint8 *vert_info=nullptr)
void draw (RE_Render *r, RE_Geometry *geo=nullptr, RE_PrimType prim=RE_PRIM_AS_IS)
void drawInstanced (RE_Render *r, int num_instances, RE_Geometry *geo=nullptr, RE_PrimType prim=RE_PRIM_AS_IS)
int getMinEdges () const
int getMaxEdges () const
int getNumArrays () const
int getNumVertices () const
int getNumOrigVertices () const
int getNumPrimitives () const
RE_PrimType getPrimitiveType () const
int getVerticesPerPatch () const
int64 getSizeBytes () const
 Return the size of all underlying arrays. More...
void clearCachedData ()
void print (std::ostream &os)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file RE_ElementArray.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RE_ElementArray::RE_ElementArray ( bool  use_buffers = true)
RE_ElementArray::~RE_ElementArray ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool RE_ElementArray::addPrim ( RE_Render r,
int  npnts,
int pnt_indices,
int prim_info = nullptr,
uint8 vert_info = nullptr,
int  base_prim = -1,
int  base_vert = -1 
bool RE_ElementArray::addPrims ( RE_Render r,
int  npnts,
int prim_indices,
int prim_info = nullptr,
uint8 vert_info = nullptr,
bool  simple_pindex = false,
int  pindex_start = 0 
bool RE_ElementArray::addTriangle ( RE_Render r,
int pnt_indices,
int prim_info,
uint8 vert_info 
bool RE_ElementArray::addTriangleChunk ( RE_Render r,
int  num_triangles,
const int pnt_indices,
const int prim_info = nullptr,
const uint8 vert_info = nullptr 
bool RE_ElementArray::beginPrims ( RE_Render r,
bool  clear_old = false,
int  num_vertex_hint = 0 
void RE_ElementArray::clearCachedData ( )

Definition at line 151 of file RE_ElementArray.h.

void RE_ElementArray::draw ( RE_Render r,
RE_Geometry geo = nullptr,
RE_PrimType  prim = RE_PRIM_AS_IS 

Definition at line 238 of file RE_ElementArray.h.

void RE_ElementArray::drawInstanced ( RE_Render r,
int  num_instances,
RE_Geometry geo = nullptr,
RE_PrimType  prim = RE_PRIM_AS_IS 

Definition at line 244 of file RE_ElementArray.h.

bool RE_ElementArray::endPrims ( RE_Render r)
bool RE_ElementArray::findCachedVersion ( RE_CacheVersion  version)
RE_CacheVersion RE_ElementArray::getCacheVersion ( ) const
int RE_ElementArray::getMaxEdges ( ) const

Definition at line 226 of file RE_ElementArray.h.

int64 RE_ElementArray::getMemoryUsage ( bool  inclusive) const

Returns the amount of main memory (NOT graphics memory!) owned by this RE_ElementArray.

int RE_ElementArray::getMinEdges ( ) const

Definition at line 220 of file RE_ElementArray.h.

int RE_ElementArray::getNumArrays ( ) const

Definition at line 232 of file RE_ElementArray.h.

int RE_ElementArray::getNumOrigVertices ( ) const
int RE_ElementArray::getNumPrimitives ( ) const

Definition at line 143 of file RE_ElementArray.h.

int RE_ElementArray::getNumVertices ( ) const
RE_PrimType RE_ElementArray::getPrimitiveType ( ) const

Definition at line 144 of file RE_ElementArray.h.

int64 RE_ElementArray::getSizeBytes ( ) const

Return the size of all underlying arrays.

int RE_ElementArray::getVerticesPerPatch ( ) const

Definition at line 145 of file RE_ElementArray.h.

void RE_ElementArray::print ( std::ostream &  os)
void RE_ElementArray::requirePrimInfo ( bool  enable)
void RE_ElementArray::requireVertexInfo ( bool  enable)
void RE_ElementArray::setCacheName ( const char *  cachename)
void RE_ElementArray::setCacheVersion ( RE_CacheVersion  version)
void RE_ElementArray::setElementType ( RE_GPUType  type)
void RE_ElementArray::setNumPoints ( int  points)
void RE_ElementArray::setPrimitiveType ( RE_PrimType  type,
int  vertices_per_patch = 0 
void RE_ElementArray::tessellateToTriangles ( bool  enable)

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