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RE_PerContextData Class Reference

#include <RE_PerContextData.h>

Public Member Functions

RE_FontBuffersfetchFontBufferFromPool (RE_Render *r, int size)
void returnFontBufferToPool (RE_FontBuffers *buf)
RE_BufferGroupgetBufferGroup (RE_Render *r, int size)
void initBuffers (RE_Render *r)

Static Public Member Functions

static RE_PerContextDatagetDataForContext (RE_OGLContext context)
static void clearContextData (RE_OGLContext context)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file RE_PerContextData.h.

Member Function Documentation

static void RE_PerContextData::clearContextData ( RE_OGLContext  context)
RE_FontBuffers* RE_PerContextData::fetchFontBufferFromPool ( RE_Render r,
int  size 
RE_BufferGroup* RE_PerContextData::getBufferGroup ( RE_Render r,
int  size 
static RE_PerContextData* RE_PerContextData::getDataForContext ( RE_OGLContext  context)
void RE_PerContextData::initBuffers ( RE_Render r)
void RE_PerContextData::returnFontBufferToPool ( RE_FontBuffers buf)

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