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ROP_RenderItem Class Reference

#include <ROP_RenderItem.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for ROP_RenderItem:

Public Member Functions

 ROP_RenderItem (ROP_Node *node)
 ROP_RenderItem (const ROP_RenderItem &item)
 ~ROP_RenderItem ()
void setSingleFrame (fpreal frame)
void setFrameRange (fpreal start, fpreal end, fpreal finc)
void setUsed (bool used)
bool render (ROP_Verbose *verbose=0, int count=0, int total=0) const
bool containedBy (const ROP_RenderItemHandle &item)
void removeOverlap (const ROP_RenderItemHandle &item)
bool mergeWith (const ROP_RenderItemHandle &item)
void print (std::ostream &os, bool full_path, bool condense_range) const
int getNumFrames () const
ROP_NodegetNode () const
bool isSingleFrame () const
fpreal getFrame () const
fpreal getStartFrame () const
fpreal getEndFrame () const
fpreal getFrameInc () const
bool getUsed () const
bool isRegularSequence () const
const UT_FprealArraygetFrameList () const
int getRenderId () const
void addDependency (const ROP_RenderItemHandle &item) const
bool hasDependency (const ROP_RenderItemHandle &item) const
void clearDependencies ()
void mergeDependencies (const ROP_RenderItemHandle &item)
void removeUnusedDependencies ()
void replaceDependencies (const ROP_RenderItemHandle &with_item)
UT_Array< ROP_RenderItemHandle > & getDependencies ()
const UT_Array
< ROP_RenderItemHandle > & 
getDependents () const
bool hasDependencies () const
bool hasDependents () const
void setRenderId (int id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from UT_IntrusiveRefCounter< ROP_RenderItem >
SYS_FORCE_INLINE UT_IntrusiveRefCounter () noexcept
 Default constructor: Sets counter to 0. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE UT_IntrusiveRefCounter (const UT_IntrusiveRefCounter &) noexcept
 Copy constructor: Sets counter to 0. More...
UT_IntrusiveRefCounteroperator= (const UT_IntrusiveRefCounter &) noexcept
 Assignment operator: Does not modify counter. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE uint32 use_count () const noexcept
 Return current counter. More...
SYS_FORCE_INLINE bool conditionalAddRef () noexcept

Static Public Member Functions

static void resetRenderIds ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from UT_IntrusiveRefCounter< ROP_RenderItem >
SYS_FORCE_INLINE ~UT_IntrusiveRefCounter ()
 Destructor: Only derived classes can destruct this. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ROP_RenderItem::ROP_RenderItem ( ROP_Node node)
ROP_RenderItem::ROP_RenderItem ( const ROP_RenderItem item)
ROP_RenderItem::~ROP_RenderItem ( )

Member Function Documentation

void ROP_RenderItem::addDependency ( const ROP_RenderItemHandle item) const
void ROP_RenderItem::clearDependencies ( )
bool ROP_RenderItem::containedBy ( const ROP_RenderItemHandle item)
UT_Array<ROP_RenderItemHandle>& ROP_RenderItem::getDependencies ( )

Definition at line 107 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

const UT_Array<ROP_RenderItemHandle>& ROP_RenderItem::getDependents ( ) const

Definition at line 110 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

fpreal ROP_RenderItem::getEndFrame ( ) const

Definition at line 69 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

fpreal ROP_RenderItem::getFrame ( ) const

Definition at line 67 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

fpreal ROP_RenderItem::getFrameInc ( ) const

Definition at line 70 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

const UT_FprealArray& ROP_RenderItem::getFrameList ( ) const

Definition at line 78 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

ROP_Node* ROP_RenderItem::getNode ( ) const

Definition at line 65 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

int ROP_RenderItem::getNumFrames ( ) const
int ROP_RenderItem::getRenderId ( ) const

Definition at line 85 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

fpreal ROP_RenderItem::getStartFrame ( ) const

Definition at line 68 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

bool ROP_RenderItem::getUsed ( ) const

Definition at line 71 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

bool ROP_RenderItem::hasDependencies ( ) const

Definition at line 114 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

bool ROP_RenderItem::hasDependency ( const ROP_RenderItemHandle item) const
bool ROP_RenderItem::hasDependents ( ) const

Definition at line 118 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

bool ROP_RenderItem::isRegularSequence ( ) const

Definition at line 77 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

bool ROP_RenderItem::isSingleFrame ( ) const

Definition at line 66 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

void ROP_RenderItem::mergeDependencies ( const ROP_RenderItemHandle item)
bool ROP_RenderItem::mergeWith ( const ROP_RenderItemHandle item)
void ROP_RenderItem::print ( std::ostream &  os,
bool  full_path,
bool  condense_range 
) const
void ROP_RenderItem::removeOverlap ( const ROP_RenderItemHandle item)
void ROP_RenderItem::removeUnusedDependencies ( )
bool ROP_RenderItem::render ( ROP_Verbose verbose = 0,
int  count = 0,
int  total = 0 
) const
void ROP_RenderItem::replaceDependencies ( const ROP_RenderItemHandle with_item)
static void ROP_RenderItem::resetRenderIds ( )

Definition at line 83 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

void ROP_RenderItem::setFrameRange ( fpreal  start,
fpreal  end,
fpreal  finc 
void ROP_RenderItem::setRenderId ( int  id)

Definition at line 123 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

void ROP_RenderItem::setSingleFrame ( fpreal  frame)

Definition at line 37 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

void ROP_RenderItem::setUsed ( bool  used)

Definition at line 43 of file ROP_RenderItem.h.

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