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RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo Class Reference

#include <RV_OGLInteropTextureBase.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo:

Public Member Functions

bool fillCreateInfo () override
RV_MemType getAllocType (RV_Instance *inst) override
 Setup allocation info for memory. More...
 RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo ()=default
RV_VKImageCreateInfoclone () const override
 ~RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from RV_VKImageCreateInfo
void setImageType (RV_ImageDim img_type)
 Define if the image is 1D, 2D, or 3D. More...
VkImageType getImageType () const
 The Vulkan image type. More...
RV_ImageDim getRVImageType () const
 The RV image type. More...
void setFormat (VkFormat format)
 Set the vulkan image format. RV. More...
VkFormat getFormat () const
VkImageSubresourceRange getFullSubRes () const
 Returns a vulkan subresource object for the full image. More...
void setSize (int w, int h, int d)
int getWidth () const
int getHeight () const
int getDepth () const
void setSamples (int samples)
 Define the number of samples in a multisampled 2D image. More...
int getSamples () const
void setLayerCount (int count)
 Define the number of layers in a 1D or 2D array. More...
int getLayerCount () const
void setMaxLevelCount (int count)
 Set the maximum number of mipmap levels. More...
int getMaxLevelCount () const
int getLevelCount () const
void setTextureMagFilter (RV_TextureFilter filter)
 Set the texture filter for texture scales above 1. More...
void setTextureMinFilter (RV_TextureFilter filter)
 Set the texture filter for texture scales below 1. More...
void setTextureMipMode (RV_TextureMipMode mode)
 Set the mipmapping mode - DISABLED, NEAREST mipmap, or LINEAR blend. More...
void setTextureWrap (RV_TextureWrap u, RV_TextureWrap v, RV_TextureWrap w)
 Set the wrapping mode when uv is outside [0,1]:REPEAT,CLAMP,BORDER,MIRROR. More...
RV_TextureWrap getTextureWrapU ()
RV_TextureWrap getTextureWrapV ()
RV_TextureWrap getTextureWrapW ()
void setUsageStorageBit (bool b)
bool getUsageStorageBit () const
void setUseLinearTiling (bool use)
 Use linear tiling (true) or optimal tiling. Not all types support linear. More...
bool getUseLinearTiling () const
void setMemoryType (RV_MemType type)
RV_MemType getMemoryType () const
const VkImageCreateInfogetVkInfo () const
 Access the vulkan creation structure for this image. More...
 RV_VKImageCreateInfo ()=default
virtual ~RV_VKImageCreateInfo ()

Static Public Attributes

static const

Protected Member Functions

 RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo (const RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo &)=default
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RV_VKImageCreateInfo
 RV_VKImageCreateInfo (const RV_VKImageCreateInfo &)=default
bool isValidForLinearTiling () const
void addNext (VkBaseOutStructure *p)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from RV_VKImageCreateInfo
uint32_t mySamples = 0
int myMaxLevels = 1
bool myUseLinearTiling = false
RV_MemType myMemType = RV_MEM_AUTO
RV_ImageDim myRVImageType = RV_IMAGE_2D
fpreal32 myMinLOD = 0.0
fpreal32 myMaxLOD = VK_LOD_CLAMP_NONE
bool myIsNormalized = false
bool myIsTexelSampled = false
bool myUsageStorageBit = false
RV_TextureFilter myMagFilterMode = RV_FILTER_LINEAR
RV_TextureFilter myMinFilterMode = RV_FILTER_LINEAR
RV_TextureMipMode myMipMode = RV_MIPMAP_LINEAR
RV_TextureWrap myWrapU = RV_TEX_WRAP_REPEAT
RV_TextureWrap myWrapV = RV_TEX_WRAP_REPEAT
RV_TextureWrap myWrapW = RV_TEX_WRAP_REPEAT
UT_Vector4F myBorderColor = {0.f, 0.f, 0.f, 0.f}
VkImageCreateInfo myVkCreateInfo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file RV_OGLInteropTextureBase.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo::RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo ( )
RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo::~RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo ( )

Definition at line 65 of file RV_OGLInteropTextureBase.h.

RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo::RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo ( const RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo )

Member Function Documentation

RV_VKImageCreateInfo* RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo::clone ( ) const

Reimplemented from RV_VKImageCreateInfo.

Definition at line 61 of file RV_OGLInteropTextureBase.h.

bool RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo::fillCreateInfo ( )

Finalize Create Info struct before being passed to Vulkan API, and perform any final checks. To Be called by Vulkan Image allocate function. Returns false if any checks fail

Reimplemented from RV_VKImageCreateInfo.

RV_MemType RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo::getAllocType ( RV_Instance inst)

Setup allocation info for memory.

Reimplemented from RV_VKImageCreateInfo.

Definition at line 55 of file RV_OGLInteropTextureBase.h.

Member Data Documentation

const VkExternalMemoryImageCreateInfo RV_VKInteropImageCreateInfo::myExImgInfo

Definition at line 72 of file RV_OGLInteropTextureBase.h.

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