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SOP_NodeVerb::NodeInputs Class Referenceabstract

#include <SOP_NodeVerb.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for SOP_NodeVerb::NodeInputs:

Public Member Functions

 NodeInputs ()
virtual ~NodeInputs ()
 NodeInputs (const NodeInputs &)=delete
NodeInputsoperator= (const NodeInputs &)=delete
virtual exint nInputs () const =0
virtual bool hasInput (exint idx) const =0
 Returns if the input is wired. More...
virtual bool cookInput (exint idx)=0
virtual GU_DetailHandle inputGeo (exint idx)=0
virtual GU_DetailHandle unloadInput (exint idx, bool flushce)=0
virtual void markInputUnused (exint idx)=0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 184 of file SOP_NodeVerb.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SOP_NodeVerb::NodeInputs::NodeInputs ( )

Definition at line 187 of file SOP_NodeVerb.h.

virtual SOP_NodeVerb::NodeInputs::~NodeInputs ( )

Definition at line 188 of file SOP_NodeVerb.h.

SOP_NodeVerb::NodeInputs::NodeInputs ( const NodeInputs )

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool SOP_NodeVerb::NodeInputs::cookInput ( exint  idx)
pure virtual

Demands the input be cooked. After this, the inputGeo() will return the contents. Returns false if the cook failed for some reason.

Implemented in SOP_NodeVerb::PreCookedNodeInputs.

virtual bool SOP_NodeVerb::NodeInputs::hasInput ( exint  idx) const
pure virtual

Returns if the input is wired.

Implemented in SOP_NodeVerb::PreCookedNodeInputs.

virtual GU_DetailHandle SOP_NodeVerb::NodeInputs::inputGeo ( exint  idx)
pure virtual

Returns an invalid handle if the input isn't wired or not yet cooked.

Implemented in SOP_NodeVerb::PreCookedNodeInputs.

virtual void SOP_NodeVerb::NodeInputs::markInputUnused ( exint  idx)
pure virtual

Marks the given input used. Needed if the input isn't cooked, as unload will not mark it unused (as it must be marked such ASAP to free up earlier nodes)

Implemented in SOP_NodeVerb::PreCookedNodeInputs.

virtual exint SOP_NodeVerb::NodeInputs::nInputs ( ) const
pure virtual
NodeInputs& SOP_NodeVerb::NodeInputs::operator= ( const NodeInputs )
virtual GU_DetailHandle SOP_NodeVerb::NodeInputs::unloadInput ( exint  idx,
bool  flushce 
pure virtual

Unlocks/forgets the given input. Returns an invalid handle if not wired or not cooked.

Implemented in SOP_NodeVerb::PreCookedNodeInputs.

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