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SOP_WindingNumberCache Class Reference
+ Inheritance diagram for SOP_WindingNumberCache:

Public Member Functions

 SOP_WindingNumberCache ()
virtual ~SOP_WindingNumberCache ()
void update3D (const GA_Detail &mesh_geo, const GA_PrimitiveGroup *prim_group, const UT_StringHolder &group_string, const int approx_order)
void update2D (const GA_Detail &mesh_geo, const GA_PrimitiveGroup *prim_group, const UT_StringHolder &group_string, const int approx_order, const int axis0, const int axis1)
void clear ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SOP_NodeCache
 SOP_NodeCache ()
virtual ~SOP_NodeCache ()
virtual int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive) const

Public Attributes

UT_SolidAngle< float, floatmySolidAngleTree
UT_SubtendedAngle< float, floatmySubtendedAngleTree
UT_Array< intmyTrianglePoints
UT_Array< UT_Vector2myPositions2D
UT_Array< UT_Vector3myPositions3D
GA_DataId myTopologyDataID
GA_DataId myPrimitiveListDataID
GA_DataId myPDataID
int myApproxOrder
int myAxis0
bool myHadGroup
UT_StringHolder myGroupString
exint myUniqueId
exint myMetaCacheCount

Detailed Description

This class is for caching data between cooks, e.g. so that we don't have to rebuild the UT_SolidAngle tree on every cook if the input hasn't changed.

Definition at line 103 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SOP_WindingNumberCache::SOP_WindingNumberCache ( )

Definition at line 106 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

virtual SOP_WindingNumberCache::~SOP_WindingNumberCache ( )

Definition at line 119 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

Member Function Documentation

void SOP_WindingNumberCache::clear ( void  )

Definition at line 283 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

void SOP_WindingNumberCache::update2D ( const GA_Detail mesh_geo,
const GA_PrimitiveGroup prim_group,
const UT_StringHolder group_string,
const int  approx_order,
const int  axis0,
const int  axis1 

Definition at line 194 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

void SOP_WindingNumberCache::update3D ( const GA_Detail mesh_geo,
const GA_PrimitiveGroup prim_group,
const UT_StringHolder group_string,
const int  approx_order 

Definition at line 121 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

Member Data Documentation

int SOP_WindingNumberCache::myApproxOrder

Definition at line 308 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

int SOP_WindingNumberCache::myAxis0

Definition at line 309 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

UT_StringHolder SOP_WindingNumberCache::myGroupString

Definition at line 311 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

bool SOP_WindingNumberCache::myHadGroup

Definition at line 310 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

exint SOP_WindingNumberCache::myMetaCacheCount

Definition at line 313 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

GA_DataId SOP_WindingNumberCache::myPDataID

Definition at line 307 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

UT_Array<UT_Vector2> SOP_WindingNumberCache::myPositions2D

Definition at line 303 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

UT_Array<UT_Vector3> SOP_WindingNumberCache::myPositions3D

Definition at line 304 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

GA_DataId SOP_WindingNumberCache::myPrimitiveListDataID

Definition at line 306 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

UT_SolidAngle<float,float> SOP_WindingNumberCache::mySolidAngleTree

Definition at line 300 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

UT_SubtendedAngle<float,float> SOP_WindingNumberCache::mySubtendedAngleTree

Definition at line 301 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

GA_DataId SOP_WindingNumberCache::myTopologyDataID

Definition at line 305 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

UT_Array<int> SOP_WindingNumberCache::myTrianglePoints

Definition at line 302 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

exint SOP_WindingNumberCache::myUniqueId

Definition at line 312 of file SOP_WindingNumber.C.

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