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TIL_FileSequence Class Reference

#include <TIL_FileSequence.h>

Public Member Functions

 TIL_FileSequence ()
 ~TIL_FileSequence ()
int64 getMemoryUsage (bool inclusive) const
TIL_FileSequenceoperator= (const TIL_FileSequence &)
int setNewPattern (const char *filepattern)
int getFileInfo (TIL_Sequence &seq_info, int override_size=0, int override_range=0, TIL_DataFormat *depth_override=0, int use_rgba=0, bool useframe=false, int frame=0, bool clearseq=true, bool coloronly=false, bool fractional=false)
int getSingleFileInfo (const char *name, TIL_Sequence &seq_info, bool override_size=true, TIL_DataFormat *override_depth=0, int use_rgba=0, bool clearseq=true, bool coloronly=false)
bool getFrameRange (int &start, int &end, bool fractional=false)
bool getFilename (UT_String &name, int frame=0x80000000)
bool doesFrameExist (const UT_String &framename) const
bool doesFrameExist (int frame) const
int getClosestFrame (int to_frame) const
int getClosestPrevFrame (int to_frame) const
int getClosestNextFrame (int to_frame) const
int getPlaneIndex (const char *name) const
PXL_ColorSpace getPlaneColorSpace (int plane_index) const
fpreal getPlaneColorSpaceGamma (int plane_index) const
int getFrameStep ()
bool isSingleFrame () const
int getNumFrames () const
bool isMovieFile () const
bool isTopFirstImage () const
IMG_ColorModel getColorModel () const
bool getFileDigits (int &digits) const
void setFileDigits (int digits)
int getFractionFrameIndex (float frame) const
UT_InclusiveRect getBounds (int frame, bool &streak)
UT_InclusiveRect getBounds (const char *filename, bool &streak)
fpreal getRenderTime (int frame) const
int64 getRenderMemory (int frame) const
void markBadFrame (int frame)
void resetBadFrames ()
const UT_IntArraygetBadFrames () const
void setComment (const UT_String &comment, int frame)
void getComment (UT_String &comment, int frame) const

Static Public Member Functions

static int getInfoForFilename (const char *name, TIL_Sequence &seq_info, bool override_size=true, TIL_DataFormat *override_depth=NULL, bool use_rgba=false, bool clearseq=true, bool coloronly=false, bool *topfirst=NULL, IMG_Stat **stat=NULL)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file TIL_FileSequence.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TIL_FileSequence::TIL_FileSequence ( )
TIL_FileSequence::~TIL_FileSequence ( )

Member Function Documentation

bool TIL_FileSequence::doesFrameExist ( const UT_String framename) const
bool TIL_FileSequence::doesFrameExist ( int  frame) const
const UT_IntArray& TIL_FileSequence::getBadFrames ( ) const

Definition at line 122 of file TIL_FileSequence.h.

UT_InclusiveRect TIL_FileSequence::getBounds ( int  frame,
bool &  streak 
UT_InclusiveRect TIL_FileSequence::getBounds ( const char *  filename,
bool &  streak 
int TIL_FileSequence::getClosestFrame ( int  to_frame) const
int TIL_FileSequence::getClosestNextFrame ( int  to_frame) const
int TIL_FileSequence::getClosestPrevFrame ( int  to_frame) const
IMG_ColorModel TIL_FileSequence::getColorModel ( ) const

Definition at line 100 of file TIL_FileSequence.h.

void TIL_FileSequence::getComment ( UT_String comment,
int  frame 
) const
bool TIL_FileSequence::getFileDigits ( int digits) const
int TIL_FileSequence::getFileInfo ( TIL_Sequence seq_info,
int  override_size = 0,
int  override_range = 0,
TIL_DataFormat depth_override = 0,
int  use_rgba = 0,
bool  useframe = false,
int  frame = 0,
bool  clearseq = true,
bool  coloronly = false,
bool  fractional = false 
bool TIL_FileSequence::getFilename ( UT_String name,
int  frame = 0x80000000 
int TIL_FileSequence::getFractionFrameIndex ( float  frame) const
bool TIL_FileSequence::getFrameRange ( int start,
int end,
bool  fractional = false 
int TIL_FileSequence::getFrameStep ( )
static int TIL_FileSequence::getInfoForFilename ( const char *  name,
TIL_Sequence seq_info,
bool  override_size = true,
TIL_DataFormat override_depth = NULL,
bool  use_rgba = false,
bool  clearseq = true,
bool  coloronly = false,
bool *  topfirst = NULL,
IMG_Stat **  stat = NULL 
int64 TIL_FileSequence::getMemoryUsage ( bool  inclusive) const
int TIL_FileSequence::getNumFrames ( ) const

Definition at line 89 of file TIL_FileSequence.h.

PXL_ColorSpace TIL_FileSequence::getPlaneColorSpace ( int  plane_index) const
fpreal TIL_FileSequence::getPlaneColorSpaceGamma ( int  plane_index) const
int TIL_FileSequence::getPlaneIndex ( const char *  name) const
int64 TIL_FileSequence::getRenderMemory ( int  frame) const
fpreal TIL_FileSequence::getRenderTime ( int  frame) const
int TIL_FileSequence::getSingleFileInfo ( const char *  name,
TIL_Sequence seq_info,
bool  override_size = true,
TIL_DataFormat override_depth = 0,
int  use_rgba = 0,
bool  clearseq = true,
bool  coloronly = false 
bool TIL_FileSequence::isMovieFile ( ) const
bool TIL_FileSequence::isSingleFrame ( ) const

Definition at line 87 of file TIL_FileSequence.h.

bool TIL_FileSequence::isTopFirstImage ( ) const

Definition at line 99 of file TIL_FileSequence.h.

void TIL_FileSequence::markBadFrame ( int  frame)
TIL_FileSequence& TIL_FileSequence::operator= ( const TIL_FileSequence )
void TIL_FileSequence::resetBadFrames ( )
void TIL_FileSequence::setComment ( const UT_String comment,
int  frame 
void TIL_FileSequence::setFileDigits ( int  digits)
int TIL_FileSequence::setNewPattern ( const char *  filepattern)

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