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TIL_Histogram Class Reference

#include <TIL_Histogram.h>

Public Member Functions

 TIL_Histogram ()
virtual ~TIL_Histogram ()
void setRaster (const TIL_Raster *generate_from, int comp=-1)
void setMaxBuckets (int max)
void generate (TIL_HistogramType type, bool usehue=true, bool primary=true, bool uvmode=false, float uvpos=0.0f)
int isHistogram () const
int isGraph () const
const char * getName () const
void getXAxis (UT_String &label, int &limited_range, float &start, float &end, int &floatval, int &usesbwpoints, int &usehue) const
void getYAxis (UT_String &label, int &limited_range, float &start, float &end, int &floatval, int &usesbwpoints, int &usehue) const
void getBWPoints (float &black, float &white) const
unsigned int getHistogramSize (bool rebinned=true) const
const unsigned intgetHistogram (bool rebinned=true) const
float getCutoffPoint () const
bool getUVPos (float &pos, int &dir) const
void getGraphDimensions (int &width, int &height) const
const TIL_RastergetGraph () const
unsigned int getGraphCount (int x, int y) const
void rebin (const float histwidth)
void getRangeForBar (int bar, float &start, float &end)

Static Public Member Functions

static void RGBtoHSV (float r, float g, float b, float &h, float &s, float &v)
static void HSVtoRGB (float h, float s, float v, float &r, float &g, float &b)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file TIL_Histogram.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TIL_Histogram::TIL_Histogram ( )
virtual TIL_Histogram::~TIL_Histogram ( )

Member Function Documentation

void TIL_Histogram::generate ( TIL_HistogramType  type,
bool  usehue = true,
bool  primary = true,
bool  uvmode = false,
float  uvpos = 0.0f 
void TIL_Histogram::getBWPoints ( float black,
float white 
) const
float TIL_Histogram::getCutoffPoint ( ) const
const TIL_Raster* TIL_Histogram::getGraph ( ) const
unsigned int TIL_Histogram::getGraphCount ( int  x,
int  y 
) const
void TIL_Histogram::getGraphDimensions ( int width,
int height 
) const
const unsigned int* TIL_Histogram::getHistogram ( bool  rebinned = true) const
unsigned int TIL_Histogram::getHistogramSize ( bool  rebinned = true) const
const char* TIL_Histogram::getName ( ) const

Definition at line 43 of file TIL_Histogram.h.

void TIL_Histogram::getRangeForBar ( int  bar,
float start,
float end 
bool TIL_Histogram::getUVPos ( float pos,
int dir 
) const
void TIL_Histogram::getXAxis ( UT_String label,
int limited_range,
float start,
float end,
int floatval,
int usesbwpoints,
int usehue 
) const
void TIL_Histogram::getYAxis ( UT_String label,
int limited_range,
float start,
float end,
int floatval,
int usesbwpoints,
int usehue 
) const
static void TIL_Histogram::HSVtoRGB ( float  h,
float  s,
float  v,
float r,
float g,
float b 
int TIL_Histogram::isGraph ( ) const
int TIL_Histogram::isHistogram ( ) const
void TIL_Histogram::rebin ( const float  histwidth)
static void TIL_Histogram::RGBtoHSV ( float  r,
float  g,
float  b,
float h,
float s,
float v 
void TIL_Histogram::setMaxBuckets ( int  max)
void TIL_Histogram::setRaster ( const TIL_Raster generate_from,
int  comp = -1 

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