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TfWarning Class Reference

#include <warning.h>

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class TfDiagnosticMgr

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from TfDiagnosticBase
const TfCallContextGetContext () const
 Return the call context where the message was issued. More...
std::string GetSourceFileName () const
 Return the source file name that the diagnostic message was posted from. More...
size_t GetSourceLineNumber () const
std::string constGetCommentary () const
 Return the commentary string describing this diagnostic message. More...
std::string GetSourceFunction () const
 Return the source function that the diagnostic message was posted from. More...
void AugmentCommentary (const std::string &s)
TfEnum GetDiagnosticCode () const
 Return the diagnostic code posted. More...
const std::stringGetDiagnosticCodeAsString () const
template<typename T >
const TGetInfo () const
void SetInfo (TfDiagnosticInfo any)
bool GetQuiet () const
TF_API bool IsFatal () const
 Return true if this diagnostic's code is a fatal code. More...
TF_API bool IsCodingError () const
TF_API TfDiagnosticBase (TfEnum code, char const *codeString, TfCallContext const &context, const std::string &commentary, TfDiagnosticInfo info, bool quiet)
 Construct an instance. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from TfDiagnosticBase
TfCallContext _context
std::string _commentary
TfEnum _code
std::string _codeString
TfDiagnosticInfo _info
size_t _serial = 0
bool _quiet = false

Detailed Description

Represents an object that contains information about a warning.

See page_tf_Diagnostic in the C++ API reference for a detailed description of the warning issuing API. For a example of how to post a warning, see TF_WARN(), also in the C++ API reference.

In the Python API, you can issue a warning with Tf.Warn().

Definition at line 44 of file warning.h.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class TfDiagnosticMgr

Definition at line 54 of file warning.h.

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