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TimeCode Class Reference

#include <ImfTimeCode.h>

Public Member Functions

IMF_EXPORT TimeCode ()
IMF_EXPORT TimeCode (int hours, int minutes, int seconds, int frame, bool dropFrame=false, bool colorFrame=false, bool fieldPhase=false, bool bgf0=false, bool bgf1=false, bool bgf2=false, int binaryGroup1=0, int binaryGroup2=0, int binaryGroup3=0, int binaryGroup4=0, int binaryGroup5=0, int binaryGroup6=0, int binaryGroup7=0, int binaryGroup8=0)
IMF_EXPORT TimeCode (unsigned int timeAndFlags, unsigned int userData=0, Packing packing=TV60_PACKING)
IMF_EXPORT TimeCode (const TimeCode &other)
 ~TimeCode ()=default
IMF_EXPORT TimeCodeoperator= (const TimeCode &other)
IMF_EXPORT int hours () const
IMF_EXPORT void setHours (int value)
IMF_EXPORT int minutes () const
IMF_EXPORT void setMinutes (int value)
IMF_EXPORT int seconds () const
IMF_EXPORT void setSeconds (int value)
IMF_EXPORT int frame () const
IMF_EXPORT void setFrame (int value)
IMF_EXPORT bool dropFrame () const
IMF_EXPORT void setDropFrame (bool value)
IMF_EXPORT bool colorFrame () const
IMF_EXPORT void setColorFrame (bool value)
IMF_EXPORT bool fieldPhase () const
IMF_EXPORT void setFieldPhase (bool value)
IMF_EXPORT bool bgf0 () const
IMF_EXPORT void setBgf0 (bool value)
IMF_EXPORT bool bgf1 () const
IMF_EXPORT void setBgf1 (bool value)
IMF_EXPORT bool bgf2 () const
IMF_EXPORT void setBgf2 (bool value)
IMF_EXPORT int binaryGroup (int group) const
IMF_EXPORT void setBinaryGroup (int group, int value)
IMF_EXPORT unsigned int timeAndFlags (Packing packing=TV60_PACKING) const
IMF_EXPORT void setTimeAndFlags (unsigned int value, Packing packing=TV60_PACKING)
IMF_EXPORT unsigned int userData () const
IMF_EXPORT void setUserData (unsigned int value)
IMF_EXPORT bool operator== (const TimeCode &v) const
IMF_EXPORT bool operator!= (const TimeCode &v) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 88 of file ImfTimeCode.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IMF_EXPORT TimeCode::TimeCode ( )
IMF_EXPORT TimeCode::TimeCode ( int  hours,
int  minutes,
int  seconds,
int  frame,
bool  dropFrame = false,
bool  colorFrame = false,
bool  fieldPhase = false,
bool  bgf0 = false,
bool  bgf1 = false,
bool  bgf2 = false,
int  binaryGroup1 = 0,
int  binaryGroup2 = 0,
int  binaryGroup3 = 0,
int  binaryGroup4 = 0,
int  binaryGroup5 = 0,
int  binaryGroup6 = 0,
int  binaryGroup7 = 0,
int  binaryGroup8 = 0 
IMF_EXPORT TimeCode::TimeCode ( unsigned int  timeAndFlags,
unsigned int  userData = 0,
Packing  packing = TV60_PACKING 
IMF_EXPORT TimeCode::TimeCode ( const TimeCode other)
TimeCode::~TimeCode ( )

Member Function Documentation

IMF_EXPORT bool TimeCode::bgf0 ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT bool TimeCode::bgf1 ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT bool TimeCode::bgf2 ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT int TimeCode::binaryGroup ( int  group) const
IMF_EXPORT bool TimeCode::colorFrame ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT bool TimeCode::dropFrame ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT bool TimeCode::fieldPhase ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT int TimeCode::frame ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT int TimeCode::hours ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT int TimeCode::minutes ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT bool TimeCode::operator!= ( const TimeCode v) const
IMF_EXPORT TimeCode& TimeCode::operator= ( const TimeCode other)
IMF_EXPORT bool TimeCode::operator== ( const TimeCode v) const
IMF_EXPORT int TimeCode::seconds ( ) const
IMF_EXPORT void TimeCode::setBgf0 ( bool  value)
IMF_EXPORT void TimeCode::setBgf1 ( bool  value)
IMF_EXPORT void TimeCode::setBgf2 ( bool  value)
IMF_EXPORT void TimeCode::setBinaryGroup ( int  group,
int  value 
IMF_EXPORT void TimeCode::setColorFrame ( bool  value)
IMF_EXPORT void TimeCode::setDropFrame ( bool  value)
IMF_EXPORT void TimeCode::setFieldPhase ( bool  value)
IMF_EXPORT void TimeCode::setFrame ( int  value)
IMF_EXPORT void TimeCode::setHours ( int  value)
IMF_EXPORT void TimeCode::setMinutes ( int  value)
IMF_EXPORT void TimeCode::setSeconds ( int  value)
IMF_EXPORT void TimeCode::setTimeAndFlags ( unsigned int  value,
Packing  packing = TV60_PACKING 
IMF_EXPORT void TimeCode::setUserData ( unsigned int  value)
IMF_EXPORT unsigned int TimeCode::timeAndFlags ( Packing  packing = TV60_PACKING) const
IMF_EXPORT unsigned int TimeCode::userData ( ) const

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