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UsdInherits Class Reference

#include <inherits.h>

Public Member Functions

USD_API bool AddInherit (const SdfPath &primPath, UsdListPosition position=UsdListPositionBackOfPrependList)
USD_API bool RemoveInherit (const SdfPath &primPath)
USD_API bool ClearInherits ()
USD_API bool SetInherits (const SdfPathVector &items)
USD_API SdfPathVector GetAllDirectInherits () const
const UsdPrimGetPrim () const
 Return the prim this object is bound to. More...
UsdPrim GetPrim ()
 operator bool ()


class UsdPrim

Detailed Description

A proxy class for applying listOp edits to the inherit paths list for a prim.

All paths passed to the UsdInherits API are expected to be in the namespace of the owning prim's stage. Subroot prim inherit paths will be translated from this namespace to the namespace of the current edit target, if necessary. If a path cannot be translated, a coding error will be issued and no changes will be made. Root prim inherit paths will not be translated.

Definition at line 51 of file inherits.h.

Member Function Documentation

USD_API bool UsdInherits::AddInherit ( const SdfPath primPath,
UsdListPosition  position = UsdListPositionBackOfPrependList 

Adds a path to the inheritPaths listOp at the current EditTarget, in the position specified by position.

USD_API bool UsdInherits::ClearInherits ( )

Removes the authored inheritPaths listOp edits at the current edit target.

USD_API SdfPathVector UsdInherits::GetAllDirectInherits ( ) const

Return all the paths in this prim's stage's local layer stack that would compose into this prim via direct inherits (excluding prim specs that would be composed into this prim due to inherits authored on ancestral prims) in strong-to-weak order.

Note that there currently may not be any scene description at these paths on the stage. This returns all the potential places that such opinions could appear.

const UsdPrim& UsdInherits::GetPrim ( ) const

Return the prim this object is bound to.

Definition at line 91 of file inherits.h.

UsdPrim UsdInherits::GetPrim ( )

Definition at line 92 of file inherits.h.

UsdInherits::operator bool ( )

Definition at line 94 of file inherits.h.

USD_API bool UsdInherits::RemoveInherit ( const SdfPath primPath)

Removes the specified path from the inheritPaths listOp at the current EditTarget.

USD_API bool UsdInherits::SetInherits ( const SdfPathVector items)

Explicitly set the inherited paths, potentially blocking weaker opinions that add or remove items, returning true on success, false if the edit could not be performed.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class UsdPrim

Definition at line 52 of file inherits.h.

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