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VOP_OutputInfoManager Class Reference

#include <VOP_OutputInfoManager.h>

Public Member Functions

 VOP_OutputInfoManager ()
 ~VOP_OutputInfoManager ()
void setParentNode (VOP_Node *parent_node)
void clear ()
bool getNeedToSave ()
void setNormalOutputMode (const char *output_name, EOutputModeType mode)
void setBypassedOutputMode (const char *output_name, EOutputModeType mode)
UT_OptionsgetDebugValuePtr (const char *output_name)
UT_OptionsgetBypassValuePtr (const char *output_name)
EOutputModeType getDebugOutputMode (const char *output_name)
EOutputModeType getBypassOutputMode (const char *output_name)
int findCorrespondingInputIndex (const char *output_name, bool is_in_debug_mode, bool is_in_bypass_mode)
void findCorrespondingInputName (const char *output_name, bool is_in_debug_mode, bool is_in_bypass_mode, UT_String &str_out)
const char * getDebugCorrespondingInputName (const char *output_name)
const char * getBypassCorrespondingInputName (const char *output_name)
void setDebugCorrespondingInputName (const char *output_name, const char *input_name)
void setBypassCorrespondingInputName (const char *output_name, const char *input_name)
void setUseDefaultValue (const char *output_name, bool val)
bool getUseDefaultValue (const char *output_name)
void appendOutputOverrideCode (UT_String &str_code)
bool areAllOverridden ()
bool getIsOverriden (const char *output_name)
void update ()
bool save (std::ostream &os, bool is_binary)
bool load (UT_IStream &is)
void appendInfoText (bool verbose, UT_WorkBuffer &text)
void appendInfoTree (bool verbose, UT_InfoTree &tree)
bool doesInfoExist (const char *output_name)

Static Public Member Functions

static VOP_Type getConnectorType (VOP_Node *node, int connector_idx, bool is_output=true)
static VOP_Type getConnectorType (VOP_Node *node, const char *connector_name, bool is_output=true)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file VOP_OutputInfoManager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VOP_OutputInfoManager::VOP_OutputInfoManager ( )
VOP_OutputInfoManager::~VOP_OutputInfoManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

void VOP_OutputInfoManager::appendInfoText ( bool  verbose,
UT_WorkBuffer text 
void VOP_OutputInfoManager::appendInfoTree ( bool  verbose,
UT_InfoTree tree 
void VOP_OutputInfoManager::appendOutputOverrideCode ( UT_String str_code)
bool VOP_OutputInfoManager::areAllOverridden ( )
void VOP_OutputInfoManager::clear ( )
bool VOP_OutputInfoManager::doesInfoExist ( const char *  output_name)
int VOP_OutputInfoManager::findCorrespondingInputIndex ( const char *  output_name,
bool  is_in_debug_mode,
bool  is_in_bypass_mode 
void VOP_OutputInfoManager::findCorrespondingInputName ( const char *  output_name,
bool  is_in_debug_mode,
bool  is_in_bypass_mode,
UT_String str_out 
const char* VOP_OutputInfoManager::getBypassCorrespondingInputName ( const char *  output_name)
EOutputModeType VOP_OutputInfoManager::getBypassOutputMode ( const char *  output_name)
UT_Options* VOP_OutputInfoManager::getBypassValuePtr ( const char *  output_name)
static VOP_Type VOP_OutputInfoManager::getConnectorType ( VOP_Node node,
int  connector_idx,
bool  is_output = true 
static VOP_Type VOP_OutputInfoManager::getConnectorType ( VOP_Node node,
const char *  connector_name,
bool  is_output = true 
const char* VOP_OutputInfoManager::getDebugCorrespondingInputName ( const char *  output_name)
EOutputModeType VOP_OutputInfoManager::getDebugOutputMode ( const char *  output_name)
UT_Options* VOP_OutputInfoManager::getDebugValuePtr ( const char *  output_name)
bool VOP_OutputInfoManager::getIsOverriden ( const char *  output_name)
bool VOP_OutputInfoManager::getNeedToSave ( )

To avoid hundreds of errors and warnings (a few per VOP node) in older versions of Houdini, we only save the override info if it is being used. This function returns true if the infos need to be saved, false otherwise.

bool VOP_OutputInfoManager::getUseDefaultValue ( const char *  output_name)
bool VOP_OutputInfoManager::load ( UT_IStream is)
bool VOP_OutputInfoManager::save ( std::ostream &  os,
bool  is_binary 
void VOP_OutputInfoManager::setBypassCorrespondingInputName ( const char *  output_name,
const char *  input_name 
void VOP_OutputInfoManager::setBypassedOutputMode ( const char *  output_name,
EOutputModeType  mode 
void VOP_OutputInfoManager::setDebugCorrespondingInputName ( const char *  output_name,
const char *  input_name 
void VOP_OutputInfoManager::setNormalOutputMode ( const char *  output_name,
EOutputModeType  mode 
void VOP_OutputInfoManager::setParentNode ( VOP_Node parent_node)
void VOP_OutputInfoManager::setUseDefaultValue ( const char *  output_name,
bool  val 
void VOP_OutputInfoManager::update ( )

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