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re_BlendSmoothState Class Reference

#include <RE_Types.h>

Public Member Functions

 re_BlendSmoothState ()
void copy (const re_BlendSmoothState &state)
void get (bool &req_smooth, int &blend, RE_BlendSourceFactor &s, RE_BlendDestFactor &d, RE_BlendSourceFactor &sa, RE_BlendDestFactor &da, RE_BlendEquation &eq) const
void invalidate ()
bool isValid ()

Public Attributes

bool mySmoothRequest
int mySmoothEnable
int myForceSmooth
bool mySmoothPushed
float myPrevLineWidth
int myBlend
RE_BlendSourceFactor mySourceFactor
RE_BlendDestFactor myDestFactor
RE_BlendSourceFactor myAlphaSourceFactor
RE_BlendDestFactor myAlphaDestFactor
RE_BlendEquation myEquation

Detailed Description

Definition at line 719 of file RE_Types.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

re_BlendSmoothState::re_BlendSmoothState ( )

Definition at line 722 of file RE_Types.h.

Member Function Documentation

void re_BlendSmoothState::copy ( const re_BlendSmoothState state)

Definition at line 738 of file RE_Types.h.

void re_BlendSmoothState::get ( bool &  req_smooth,
int blend,
RE_BlendSourceFactor s,
RE_BlendDestFactor d,
RE_BlendSourceFactor sa,
RE_BlendDestFactor da,
RE_BlendEquation eq 
) const

Definition at line 754 of file RE_Types.h.

void re_BlendSmoothState::invalidate ( )

Definition at line 768 of file RE_Types.h.

bool re_BlendSmoothState::isValid ( )

Definition at line 781 of file RE_Types.h.

Member Data Documentation

RE_BlendDestFactor re_BlendSmoothState::myAlphaDestFactor

Definition at line 802 of file RE_Types.h.

RE_BlendSourceFactor re_BlendSmoothState::myAlphaSourceFactor

Definition at line 801 of file RE_Types.h.

int re_BlendSmoothState::myBlend

Definition at line 798 of file RE_Types.h.

RE_BlendDestFactor re_BlendSmoothState::myDestFactor

Definition at line 800 of file RE_Types.h.

RE_BlendEquation re_BlendSmoothState::myEquation

Definition at line 803 of file RE_Types.h.

int re_BlendSmoothState::myForceSmooth

Definition at line 795 of file RE_Types.h.

float re_BlendSmoothState::myPrevLineWidth

Definition at line 797 of file RE_Types.h.

int re_BlendSmoothState::mySmoothEnable

Definition at line 794 of file RE_Types.h.

bool re_BlendSmoothState::mySmoothPushed

Definition at line 796 of file RE_Types.h.

bool re_BlendSmoothState::mySmoothRequest

Definition at line 793 of file RE_Types.h.

RE_BlendSourceFactor re_BlendSmoothState::mySourceFactor

Definition at line 799 of file RE_Types.h.

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