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#include "pxr/pxr.h"
#include "pxr/base/arch/api.h"
#include "pxr/base/arch/defines.h"
#include "pxr/base/arch/inttypes.h"
#include <memory>
#include <cstdio>
#include <string>
#include <set>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <sys/param.h>
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struct  Arch_Unmapper


#define ARCH_PATH_MAX   1024
#define ARCH_PATH_SEP   "/"
#define ARCH_PATH_LIST_SEP   ":"
#define ARCH_REL_PATH_IDENT   "./"
#define ArchChmod(path, mode)   chmod(path, mode)
#define ArchCloseFile(fd)   close(fd)
#define ArchUnlinkFile(path)   unlink(path)
#define ArchFileAccess(path, mode)   access(path, mode)
#define ArchFdOpen(fd, mode)   fdopen(fd, mode)
#define ArchFileNo(stream)   fileno(stream)
#define ArchFileIsaTTY(stream)   isatty(stream)
#define ArchRmDir(path)   rmdir(path)


typedef struct stat ArchStatType
using ArchConstFileMapping = std::unique_ptr< char const, Arch_Unmapper >
using ArchMutableFileMapping = std::unique_ptr< char, Arch_Unmapper >


enum  ArchMemAdvice { ArchMemAdviceNormal, ArchMemAdviceWillNeed, ArchMemAdviceDontNeed, ArchMemAdviceRandomAccess }
enum  ArchFileAdvice { ArchFileAdviceNormal, ArchFileAdviceWillNeed, ArchFileAdviceDontNeed, ArchFileAdviceRandomAccess }


ARCH_API FILE * ArchOpenFile (char const *fileName, char const *mode)
ARCH_API int64_t ArchGetFileLength (const char *fileName)
ARCH_API int64_t ArchGetFileLength (FILE *file)
ARCH_API std::string ArchGetFileName (FILE *file)
ARCH_API bool ArchStatIsWritable (const ArchStatType *st)
ARCH_API bool ArchGetModificationTime (const char *pathname, double *time)
ARCH_API double ArchGetModificationTime (const ArchStatType &st)
ARCH_API std::string ArchNormPath (const std::string &path, bool stripDriveSpecifier=false)
ARCH_API std::string ArchAbsPath (const std::string &path)
ARCH_API bool ArchGetStatMode (const char *pathname, int *mode)
ARCH_API const char * ArchGetTmpDir ()
ARCH_API std::string ArchMakeTmpFileName (const std::string &prefix, const std::string &suffix=std::string())
ARCH_API int ArchMakeTmpFile (const std::string &prefix, std::string *pathname=0)
ARCH_API int ArchMakeTmpFile (const std::string &tmpdir, const std::string &prefix, std::string *pathname=0)
ARCH_API std::string ArchMakeTmpSubdir (const std::string &tmpdir, const std::string &prefix)
size_t ArchGetFileMappingLength (ArchConstFileMapping const &m)
 Return the length of an ArchConstFileMapping. More...
size_t ArchGetFileMappingLength (ArchMutableFileMapping const &m)
 Return the length of an ArchMutableFileMapping. More...
ARCH_API ArchConstFileMapping ArchMapFileReadOnly (FILE *file, std::string *errMsg=nullptr)
ARCH_API ArchConstFileMapping ArchMapFileReadOnly (std::string const &path, std::string *errMsg=nullptr)
ARCH_API ArchMutableFileMapping ArchMapFileReadWrite (FILE *file, std::string *errMsg=nullptr)
ARCH_API ArchMutableFileMapping ArchMapFileReadWrite (std::string const &path, std::string *errMsg=nullptr)
ARCH_API void ArchMemAdvise (void const *addr, size_t len, ArchMemAdvice adv)
ARCH_API bool ArchQueryMappedMemoryResidency (void const *addr, size_t len, unsigned char *pageMap)
ARCH_API int64_t ArchPRead (FILE *file, void *buffer, size_t count, int64_t offset)
ARCH_API int64_t ArchPWrite (FILE *file, void const *bytes, size_t count, int64_t offset)
ARCH_API std::string ArchReadLink (const char *path)
ARCH_API void ArchFileAdvise (FILE *file, int64_t offset, size_t count, ArchFileAdvice adv)

Detailed Description

Architecture dependent file system access

Definition in file fileSystem.h.