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GEO_BuildPrimitives.h File Reference
#include <GA/GA_PolyCounts.h>
#include <GA/GA_Types.h>
#include <SYS/SYS_Types.h>
#include <utility>
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 This namespace is used to hold all HDK example source code.


#define __HDK_GEO_BuildPrimitives_h__


template<typename INT_T >
GA_Offset HDK_Sample::GEObuildPrimitives (GEO_Detail *detail, const std::pair< int, exint > *primtype_count_pairs, const GA_Offset init_startpt, const GA_Size npoints_per_copy, const GA_PolyCounts &vertexlistsizelist, const INT_T *vertexpointnumbers, const bool hassharedpoints, const exint *closed_span_lengths, const exint ncopies)

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#define __HDK_GEO_BuildPrimitives_h__

Definition at line 32 of file GEO_BuildPrimitives.h.