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GT_PrimVolumeVisualization Struct Reference

Viewport visualization info for a volume. More...

#include <GT_PrimVolume.h>

Public Attributes

const GEO_PrimitivedensityPrim
float densityScale
float shadowScale
float extinctionRatio
int scatteringIterations
float densityRange [2]
UT_Ramp densityRamp
GT_PrimVolumeRampMode densityRampType
float ambientShadows
float ambientMapSize
float ambientStepRate
UT_Vector3 ambientExposed
UT_Vector3 ambientOccluded
UT_Vector3 shadowColor
const GEO_PrimitivediffusePrim [3]
float diffuseRange [2]
UT_Ramp diffuseRamp
GT_PrimVolumeRampMode diffuseRampType
UT_Vector3 diffuseTint
const GEO_PrimitiveemissionPrim
float emissionScale
float emissionRange [2]
UT_Ramp emissionRamp
GT_PrimVolumeRampMode emissionRampType
const GEO_PrimitiveemissionColorPrim [3]
float emissionColorRange [2]
UT_Ramp emissionColorRamp
GT_PrimVolumeRampMode emissionColorRampType
int maxVisResolution

Detailed Description

Viewport visualization info for a volume.

Definition at line 37 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

Member Data Documentation

UT_Vector3 GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::ambientExposed

Definition at line 51 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

float GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::ambientMapSize

Definition at line 49 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

UT_Vector3 GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::ambientOccluded

Definition at line 52 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

float GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::ambientShadows

Definition at line 48 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

float GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::ambientStepRate

Definition at line 50 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

const GEO_Primitive* GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::densityPrim

Definition at line 39 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

UT_Ramp GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::densityRamp

Definition at line 45 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

GT_PrimVolumeRampMode GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::densityRampType

Definition at line 46 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

float GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::densityRange[2]

Definition at line 44 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

float GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::densityScale

Definition at line 40 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

const GEO_Primitive* GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::diffusePrim[3]

Definition at line 55 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

UT_Ramp GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::diffuseRamp

Definition at line 57 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

GT_PrimVolumeRampMode GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::diffuseRampType

Definition at line 58 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

float GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::diffuseRange[2]

Definition at line 56 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

UT_Vector3 GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::diffuseTint

Definition at line 59 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

const GEO_Primitive* GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::emissionColorPrim[3]

Definition at line 67 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

UT_Ramp GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::emissionColorRamp

Definition at line 69 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

GT_PrimVolumeRampMode GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::emissionColorRampType

Definition at line 70 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

float GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::emissionColorRange[2]

Definition at line 68 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

const GEO_Primitive* GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::emissionPrim

Definition at line 61 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

UT_Ramp GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::emissionRamp

Definition at line 64 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

GT_PrimVolumeRampMode GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::emissionRampType

Definition at line 65 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

float GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::emissionRange[2]

Definition at line 63 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

float GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::emissionScale

Definition at line 62 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

float GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::extinctionRatio

Definition at line 42 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

int GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::maxVisResolution

Definition at line 72 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

int GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::scatteringIterations

Definition at line 43 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

UT_Vector3 GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::shadowColor

Definition at line 53 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

float GT_PrimVolumeVisualization::shadowScale

Definition at line 41 of file GT_PrimVolume.h.

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