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GU_CopyToPointsCache Struct Reference

#include <GU_Copy2.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for GU_CopyToPointsCache:


struct  PieceData
struct  TargetAttribInfo

Public Types

enum  PackedPivot { PackedPivot::ORIGIN, PackedPivot::CENTROID }
enum  AttribCombineMethod {
  AttribCombineMethod::COPY, AttribCombineMethod::NONE, AttribCombineMethod::MULTIPLY, AttribCombineMethod::ADD,
using TargetAttribInfoMap = UT_ArrayStringMap< TargetAttribInfo >

Public Member Functions

 GU_CopyToPointsCache ()
 SYS_STATIC_ASSERT_MSG (int(GA_ATTRIB_VERTEX)< 3 &&int(GA_ATTRIB_POINT)< 3 &&int(GA_ATTRIB_PRIMITIVE)< 3,"Array above depends on owners other than detail being less than 3")
- Public Member Functions inherited from GU_PointTransformCache
 GU_PointTransformCache ()
void clearTransformArrays ()

Public Attributes

exint myPrevOutputDetailID
GA_DataId myPrevSourcePrimListDataID
GA_DataId myPrevSourceTopologyDataID
GA_Size myPrevTargetPtCount
bool myPrevHadSourceGroup
bool myPrevHadTargetGroup
bool myPrevPack
GA_DataId myPrevSourceGroupDataID
GA_DataId myPrevTargetGroupDataID
exint myPrevSourceUniqueID
 These are only used when myPrevPack is true. More...
exint myPrevSourceMetaCacheCount
PackedPivot myPrevPivotEnum
GEO_ViewportLOD myPrevViewportLOD
exint mySourceVertexCount
GA_OffsetList mySourceOffsetLists [3]
GA_OffsetList myTargetOffsetList
UT_Array< PieceDatamyPieceData
UT_Array< exintmyTargetToPiece
UT_Array< exintmyPieceOffsetStarts [3]
GA_DataId myTargetIDAttribDataID
GA_DataId mySourceIDAttribOwner
GA_DataId mySourceIDAttribDataID
UT_ArrayStringMap< GA_DataIdmySourceAttribDataIDs [3]
UT_ArrayStringMap< GA_DataIdmySourceGroupDataIDs [3]
UT_ArrayStringMap< GA_DataIdmySourceEdgeGroupDataIDs
TargetAttribInfoMap myTargetAttribInfo
TargetAttribInfoMap myTargetGroupInfo
- Public Attributes inherited from GU_PointTransformCache
GA_DataId myTargetTransformDataIDs [GA_AttributeInstanceMatrix::theNumAttribs]
 This is for keeping track of whether transforms have changed since the last cook. More...
GA_DataId myTargetPDataID
bool myTargetUsingImplicitN
GA_DataId myTargetPrimListDataID
GA_DataId myTargetTopologyDataID
UT_UniquePtr< UT_Matrix3F[]> myTransformMatrices3F
UT_UniquePtr< UT_Matrix3D[]> myTransformMatrices3D
UT_UniquePtr< UT_Vector3F[]> myTransformTranslates3F
UT_UniquePtr< UT_Vector3D[]> myTransformTranslates3D
UT_UniquePtr< UT_Matrix3F[]> myTransformInverse3F
UT_UniquePtr< UT_Matrix3D[]> myTransformInverse3D
UT_UniquePtr< UT_QuaternionF[]> myTransformQuaternionsF
UT_UniquePtr< UT_QuaternionD[]> myTransformQuaternionsD
exint myTransformCacheSize

Detailed Description

Definition at line 85 of file GU_Copy2.h.

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Definition at line 141 of file GU_Copy2.h.


Definition at line 118 of file GU_Copy2.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GU_CopyToPointsCache::GU_CopyToPointsCache ( )

Definition at line 87 of file GU_Copy2.h.

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Member Data Documentation

UT_Array<PieceData> GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPieceData

Definition at line 190 of file GU_Copy2.h.

UT_Array<exint> GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPieceOffsetStarts[3]

Definition at line 192 of file GU_Copy2.h.

bool GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPrevHadSourceGroup

Definition at line 112 of file GU_Copy2.h.

bool GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPrevHadTargetGroup

Definition at line 113 of file GU_Copy2.h.

exint GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPrevOutputDetailID

Definition at line 108 of file GU_Copy2.h.

bool GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPrevPack

Definition at line 114 of file GU_Copy2.h.

PackedPivot GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPrevPivotEnum

Definition at line 127 of file GU_Copy2.h.

GA_DataId GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPrevSourceGroupDataID

Definition at line 115 of file GU_Copy2.h.

exint GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPrevSourceMetaCacheCount

Definition at line 126 of file GU_Copy2.h.

GA_DataId GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPrevSourcePrimListDataID

Definition at line 109 of file GU_Copy2.h.

GA_DataId GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPrevSourceTopologyDataID

Definition at line 110 of file GU_Copy2.h.

exint GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPrevSourceUniqueID

These are only used when myPrevPack is true.

Definition at line 125 of file GU_Copy2.h.

GA_DataId GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPrevTargetGroupDataID

Definition at line 116 of file GU_Copy2.h.

GA_Size GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPrevTargetPtCount

Definition at line 111 of file GU_Copy2.h.

GEO_ViewportLOD GU_CopyToPointsCache::myPrevViewportLOD

Definition at line 128 of file GU_Copy2.h.

UT_ArrayStringMap<GA_DataId> GU_CopyToPointsCache::mySourceAttribDataIDs[3]

This is for keeping track of whether source attributes need to be re-copied.

Definition at line 136 of file GU_Copy2.h.

UT_ArrayStringMap<GA_DataId> GU_CopyToPointsCache::mySourceEdgeGroupDataIDs

This is for keeping track of whether source attributes need to be re-copied.

Definition at line 138 of file GU_Copy2.h.

UT_ArrayStringMap<GA_DataId> GU_CopyToPointsCache::mySourceGroupDataIDs[3]

This is for keeping track of whether source attributes need to be re-copied.

Definition at line 137 of file GU_Copy2.h.

GA_DataId GU_CopyToPointsCache::mySourceIDAttribDataID

Definition at line 198 of file GU_Copy2.h.

GA_DataId GU_CopyToPointsCache::mySourceIDAttribOwner

Definition at line 197 of file GU_Copy2.h.

GA_OffsetList GU_CopyToPointsCache::mySourceOffsetLists[3]

Definition at line 131 of file GU_Copy2.h.

exint GU_CopyToPointsCache::mySourceVertexCount

Definition at line 130 of file GU_Copy2.h.

TargetAttribInfoMap GU_CopyToPointsCache::myTargetAttribInfo

This is for keeping track of whether target attributes need to be re-copied.

Definition at line 165 of file GU_Copy2.h.

TargetAttribInfoMap GU_CopyToPointsCache::myTargetGroupInfo

This is for keeping track of whether target attributes need to be re-copied.

Definition at line 166 of file GU_Copy2.h.

GA_DataId GU_CopyToPointsCache::myTargetIDAttribDataID

Definition at line 196 of file GU_Copy2.h.

GA_OffsetList GU_CopyToPointsCache::myTargetOffsetList

Definition at line 132 of file GU_Copy2.h.

UT_Array<exint> GU_CopyToPointsCache::myTargetToPiece

Definition at line 191 of file GU_Copy2.h.

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