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HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc Struct Reference

#include <graphicsPipeline.h>

Public Member Functions

HGI_API HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc ()

Public Attributes

std::string debugName
HgiPrimitiveType primitiveType
HgiShaderProgramHandle shaderProgram
HgiDepthStencilState depthState
HgiMultiSampleState multiSampleState
HgiRasterizationState rasterizationState
HgiVertexBufferDescVector vertexBuffers
HgiAttachmentDescVector colorAttachmentDescs
HgiAttachmentDescVector colorResolveAttachmentDescs
HgiAttachmentDesc depthAttachmentDesc
HgiAttachmentDesc depthResolveAttachmentDesc
HgiGraphicsShaderConstantsDesc shaderConstantsDesc

Detailed Description

Describes the properties needed to create a GPU pipeline.

  • primitiveType: Describes the stream of vertices (primitive topology).
  • shaderProgram: Shader functions/stages used in this pipeline.
  • depthState: Describes depth state for a pipeline.
  • multiSampleState: Various settings to control multi-sampling.
  • rasterizationState: Various settings to control rasterization.
  • vertexBuffers: Description of the vertex buffers (per-vertex attributes). The actual VBOs are bound via GraphicsCmds.
  • colorAttachmentDescs: Describes each of the color attachments.
  • colorResolveAttachmentDescs: Describes each of the color resolve attachments (optional).
  • depthAttachmentDesc: Describes the depth attachment (optional) Use HgiFormatInvalid to indicate no depth attachment.
  • depthResolveAttachmentDesc: Describes the depth resolve attachment (optional). Use HgiFormatInvalid to indicate no depth resolve attachment.
  • shaderConstantsDesc: Describes the shader uniforms.

Definition at line 281 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HGI_API HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc::HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc ( )

Member Data Documentation

HgiAttachmentDescVector HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc::colorAttachmentDescs

Definition at line 293 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

HgiAttachmentDescVector HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc::colorResolveAttachmentDescs

Definition at line 294 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

std::string HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc::debugName

Definition at line 286 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

HgiAttachmentDesc HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc::depthAttachmentDesc

Definition at line 295 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

HgiAttachmentDesc HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc::depthResolveAttachmentDesc

Definition at line 296 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

HgiDepthStencilState HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc::depthState

Definition at line 289 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

HgiMultiSampleState HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc::multiSampleState

Definition at line 290 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

HgiPrimitiveType HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc::primitiveType

Definition at line 287 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

HgiRasterizationState HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc::rasterizationState

Definition at line 291 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

HgiGraphicsShaderConstantsDesc HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc::shaderConstantsDesc

Definition at line 297 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

HgiShaderProgramHandle HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc::shaderProgram

Definition at line 288 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

HgiVertexBufferDescVector HgiGraphicsPipelineDesc::vertexBuffers

Definition at line 292 of file graphicsPipeline.h.

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