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UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo Struct Reference

#include <connectableAPI.h>

Public Member Functions

 UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo ()=default
 UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo (UsdShadeConnectableAPI const &source_, TfToken const &sourceName_, UsdShadeAttributeType sourceType_, SdfValueTypeName typeName_=SdfValueTypeName())
 UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo (UsdShadeInput const &input)
 UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo (UsdShadeOutput const &output)
USDSHADE_API UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo (UsdStagePtr const &stage, SdfPath const &sourcePath)
bool IsValid () const
 Return true if this source info is valid for setting up a connection. More...
 operator bool () const
bool operator== (UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo const &other) const
bool operator!= (const UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo &other) const

Public Attributes

UsdShadeConnectableAPI source
TfToken sourceName
UsdShadeAttributeType sourceType = UsdShadeAttributeType::Invalid
SdfValueTypeName typeName

Detailed Description

A compact struct to represent a bundle of information about an upstream source attribute

Definition at line 754 of file connectableAPI.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo::UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo ( )
UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo::UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo ( UsdShadeConnectableAPI const source_,
TfToken const sourceName_,
UsdShadeAttributeType  sourceType_,
SdfValueTypeName  typeName_ = SdfValueTypeName() 

Definition at line 772 of file connectableAPI.h.

UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo::UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo ( UsdShadeInput const input)

Definition at line 782 of file connectableAPI.h.

UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo::UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo ( UsdShadeOutput const output)

Definition at line 788 of file connectableAPI.h.

USDSHADE_API UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo::UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo ( UsdStagePtr const stage,
SdfPath const sourcePath 

Construct the information for this struct from a property path. The source attribute does not have to exist, but the sourcePath needs to have a valid prefix to identify the sourceType. The source prim needs to exist and be UsdShadeConnectableAPI compatible

Member Function Documentation

bool UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo::IsValid ( ) const

Return true if this source info is valid for setting up a connection.

Definition at line 804 of file connectableAPI.h.

UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo::operator bool ( ) const

Definition at line 814 of file connectableAPI.h.

Definition at line 823 of file connectableAPI.h.

bool UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo::operator== ( UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo const other) const

Definition at line 817 of file connectableAPI.h.

Member Data Documentation

UsdShadeConnectableAPI UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo::source

source is the connectable prim that produces or contains a value for the given shading attribute.

Definition at line 757 of file connectableAPI.h.

TfToken UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo::sourceName

sourceName is the name of the shading attribute that is the target of the connection. This excludes any namespace prefix that determines the type of the source (eg, output).

Definition at line 761 of file connectableAPI.h.

UsdShadeAttributeType UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo::sourceType = UsdShadeAttributeType::Invalid

sourceType is used to indicate the type of the shading attribute that is the target of the connection. The source type is used to determine the namespace prefix that must be attached to sourceName to determine the source full attribute name.

Definition at line 766 of file connectableAPI.h.

SdfValueTypeName UsdShadeConnectionSourceInfo::typeName

typeName, if specified, is the typename of the attribute to create on the source if it doesn't exist when creating a connection

Definition at line 769 of file connectableAPI.h.

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