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udimTextureObject.h File Reference
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class  HdStUdimTextureObject
struct  HdSt_TypedTextureObjectHelper< HdTextureType::Udim >


using HgiTextureHandle = int HgiHandle< class HgiTexture >


HDST_API bool HdStIsSupportedUdimTexture (std::string const &imageFilePath)

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 39 of file udimTextureObject.h.

Function Documentation

HDST_API bool HdStIsSupportedUdimTexture ( std::string const imageFilePath)

Returns true if the file given by imageFilePath represents a udim file, and false otherwise.

This function simply checks the existence of the <udim> tag in the file name and does not otherwise guarantee that the file is in any way valid for reading.