Houdini 18.0 Properties

Viewport properties

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These properties control viewport display of objects. They are in the Viewport folder in the list of properties available under the Render Properties tab of the Edit parameter interface window. Select a node, and in the parameter editor click the Gear menu and choose Edit rendering properties to add or remove properties to a render driver, camera, object, shader, or properties node.



Promote POP guide geometry

Show particle guide geometry from the display Popnet SOP, if any, at the object level.


Enable light in viewport

Allows the light to be disabled or active in the viewport.

OpenGL view

Viewport comment

When you attach this property to a camera or light, the comment you set appears in the upper left corner of the viewport when you're looking through the camera/light. This can be useful to document cameras and lights for artists.

View mask

Mask aspect

The aspect of the viewport mask.

Mask opacity

The opacity of the viewport mask.

Mask overlay

The SOP which specifies the geometry to for the mask overlay.