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These properties control compilation of VOP networks for rendering. They are in the VOPNET Compiler Options folder in the list of properties available under the Render Properties tab of the Edit parameter interface window. Select a node, and in the parameter editor click the Gear menu and choose Edit rendering properties to add or remove properties to a render driver, camera, object, shader, or properties node.



RSL Compiler

The RSL shader compiler to invoke to compile RenderMan VOP networks. This defaults to hrmanshader which automatically checks the HOUDINI_DEFAULT_RIB_RENDERER to call the right compiler. However, you can override it if your RIB renderer is not supported by hrmanshader.

VEX Compiler

The VEX compiler to invoke to compile mantra VOP networks.

OSL Compiler


Force Compile

A button that forces compiling of the VOP network.

Force Code in Context

A string property on a VOP digital asset node that specifies shading contexts in which the node should force generation of code. In a multi-context network such as vopmaterial, not all nodes should generate code for a given context. For example, some nodes are applicable only to surface shader while other to displacement shader. Only a few nodes initiate (force) generation of code, such as Collect VOP, Output VOP, or exporting Parameter VOP. Then, only nodes that feed into them will also generate code. If an HDA does not have output connectors or wants to generate code even if not (indirectly) connected to the Output VOP, it can use this property parameter to specify the shading context in which to initiate generation of code.