Houdini 19.5 Shelf tools

Surface Collider shelf tool

Create a Static Object from SOP Geometry pre-configured for interaction with cloth.

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This tool is used for a static object that influences a Cloth Object. It is similar to the Volume Collider, the main difference being that the Surface Collider interacts with polygons and the Volume Collider interacts with volumes.

You should use a Surface Collider if your static object is moving around and colliding with cloth, such as for the body of a character interacting with clothing. You should use a Volume Collider if your object is not deforming, for example for a terrain that a cloth object is interacting with.

Using Surface Collider

  1. Select the geometry to convert to a static object.

  2. Click the Surface Collider tool on the Cloth or Solid tab.


You can transform, rotate, scale, and keyframe the static object at various frames.

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