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Debris shelf tool

Emits particles from the edges and surfaces of separating fractured rigid bodies.

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This tool is used to emit particles from fractured rigid body objects as they separate from each other. Emission sources are created along the edges and surfaces of the fractured rigid bodies and emit debris particles for a specified duration after separation has been detected.

This tool creates three nodes in the obj network.

See this example file.

Using Debris

  1. Create an object and apply a /nodes/sop/break or Shatter to it using the tools on the Model shelf.

  2. Convert the object to an RBD Fractured Object or an /nodes/dop/rbdglueobject.

  3. Click the Debris tool on the Rigid Bodies tab.

  4. Select a one or more rigid body objects and press Enter to confirm your selection.

Understanding the network of nodes

This tool creates three nodes /obj network.

Debris Source

This is where the debris comes from, and controls when the debris sources are active.


Consider limiting the debris source to interior edges and surfaces of fractured geometry through the Group parameter on the Debris Source node.

Debris Sim

This where the debris simulated, and where you can modify the animation.

  • The POP Source picks up points and uses them as sources to generate particles.

  • The POP Replicate node controls the speed and direction that the debris will be birthed.

Import Debris

This is the result of debris_sim imported into a SOP network.

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