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Make Breakable shelf tool

Automatically fractures an RBD object.

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This tool creates a Voronoi Fracture Configure Object from an RBD Object or an RBD Packed Object, which causes the object to break realistically on impact. It also creates new objects for any pieces created by fracturing these objects. This is useful for background objects in a scene, since it is a fast and realistic way of breaking an object without having to do anything before hand. If you want more artistic control of the break, you can use the Break or Shatter tools on the Model tab of the shelf. These tools let you prebreak geometry, which you can then make into an RBD Glue Object.

Using Make Breakable

  1. Select the object you want to break, and click the RBD Object tool on the Rigid Bodies tab.


    Once you convert geometry to an RBD object you can only transform, rotate, and scale it when it is on the first frame.

  2. Make sure the new object is selected and click the Make Breakable tool on the Rigid Bodies tab.

For specific parameter help see the Voronoi Fracture Configure Object dynamics node help.

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