Houdini 20.0 Shelf tools

Sphere shelf tool

Creates a sphere or ovoid surface.

Placing a Sphere in the viewer

To...Do this

Place a sphere anywhere in the scene

  1. Click the Sphere tool on the Create tab.

  2. Move the cursor into the scene view.


    You can hold Alt to detach the sphere from the construction plane.

  3. Click LMB to place the sphere anywhere in the scene view.

    If you press Enter without clicking, Houdini places the sphere at the origin.

Place a sphere at the origin

⌃ Ctrl + LMB on the Sphere tool on the shelf.

Sphere Handles

There are special handles available at the geometry level for the sphere object that allow you to stretch and squash it.

  1. Move to the geometry level by double clicking LMB the sphere node in the network editor or by clicking the Jump to Operator button on the operation controls toolbar.

  2. Drag the handles to squash or stretch the sphere.

For specific parameter help see the Sphere node help.

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