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Tube geometry node

Creates open or closed tubes, cones, or pyramids.

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Create cones by entering a value of zero for either the top or bottom radius in the Parameters.

Placing a Tube in the viewer

To...Do this

Place the tube anywhere in the scene

  1. Click the Tube tool on the Create tab.

  2. Move the cursor into the scene view.


    You can hold Alt to detach the tube from the construction plane.

  3. Click LMB to place the tube anywhere in the scene view.

    If you press Enter without clicking, Houdini places the tube at the origin.

Place the tube at the origin

Press ⌃ Ctrl + LMB on the Tube tool on the shelf.


Primitive Type

The type of geometry to be created.


How the surface of the tube is constructed.


Primary axis of the tube.

End Caps

When turned on, creates end caps on the tube.

Consolidate Corner Points

When turned on, end caps will share points with the sides of the tube.

This parameter is only available when End Caps is turned on, and Primitive Type is set to Polygon or Polygon Soup.

Add Vertex Normals

Adds vertex normals to the tube, so that it will have an explicit cusped appearance.


Offset of tube center from object origin.


Rotation about the center of the tube.


Top and bottom radii of the tube.

Radius Scale

Uniform scale for the radius.


The height of the tube.


Number of rows in tube.


Number of columns in tube.

U Order

Order of NURBS/Bezier curve in U direction.

V Order

Order of NURBS/Bezier curve in V direction.

U Wrap

Wraps the surface in the U direction.


Approximates surface using non-rational points.

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