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Labs Pick and Place geometry node

Allows you to interactively place individual objects in a scene.

This node allows you to interactively pick and place objects in a scene. The first input of the tool has the incoming collision geometry (your scene), and the second input has the objects you would like to place.


  • Click and drag on the objects in the scene to place, scale and rotate them.

  • Scrollwheel switches between the input objects to be placed.

  • CTRL+LMB Drag allows for tweaking of previously placed objects.

  • CTRL+SHIFT+LMB Drag allows changing scale and rotation of already placed objects.

  • CTRL+MMB Click removes previously placed objects.

  • RMB Click exposes a lot of placement controls.


It is highly recommended you plug in packed primitives as the geometry to place.



The object number to be used for placement in this multiparm entry. The object number is calculated internally in the tool based on mesh connectivity.

Align to Surface

This controls if the placed object gets aligned to the surface it got placed on.

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