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Scene Character Export geometry node

Export animation from a geometry-based character to the Scene (OBJ) context.

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Since 18.5

This node exports animation from a full geometry-based character to the Scene (OBJ-based) level.


Export Animation to OBJ Parameters

OBJ Subnet

A path to the OBJ subnet to export the animation to.


A parameter filter string.

Revert to Defaults

Revert to a the parameter defaults before transferring the animation.

Animation Range




Sample Rate

Sample rate.

Export Animation

Export the animation from geometry-based character to OBJ level.

Delete Animation

Reset the parameters at OBJ level.


Live Transform Export

Enable the CHOP Transform Exports to drive targeted OBJ nodes with constraints.

Export OBJ Subnet

A path to OBJ subnet to export the animation to for the Live Transform Export. This is normally the same as the OBJ Subnet, but can be changed to use a different Subnet for the baking.

Cache Geometry When Exporting

Enable an internal Cache SOP to speed up the export. The export animation script evaluates OBJ nodes one at a time following the hierarchy. If this isn’t turned on, the geometry-based character will be re-evaluated many times at the same frame.

Max Frames to Cache

When Cache Geometry When Exporting is enabled, this indicates the maximum number of different frames of geometry to keep cached. Lower this to reduce the risk of running out of memory. Raise it if more frames need to stay cached.


An output string parameter that is filled with information on the baking process.

Create OBJ Subnet


Pressing this buttons creates a new OBJ subnet at the target path filled with Null OBJ nodes. The animation can then be transfered to the Nulls using the Export Animation button. The Object nodes are transformed following the Rest Pose first input.

Delete OBJ Subnet Content

Delete and clear the OBJ subnet target when pressing Create.

Create OBJ Hierarchy

Parent the OBJ Nulls following the hierarchy.


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