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Labs Progressive Resample 1.0 geometry node

Resamples a curve progressively based on an attribute

This node is similar to the regular resample node, with the difference that this node calculates a dynamic segment length based on an attribute value. This allows you to for example resample a curve more finely in certain regions, and more sparsely in others.

Replaced by Labs Curve Resample by Density SOP. To be removed in Houdini 20.5.


Resample Properties

Resample Attribute

The name of the float attribute to be used for calculating the segment length along the curve.

Resolution Scale

Allows you to scale the segment length.


Max Points per Segment

Controls the hard limit of how many points are allowed to be generated for the curve. This is to make sure you don’t accidentally generate an infinite amount of points due to a resample attribute value of 0.


This will pre-resample the input curve before doing the progressive resample. This often improves the quality of the progressive resample.


The segment length to be used for the pre-resample.

Reverse Point Order

Reverses the linear order of points.

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