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Attribute Delete geometry node

Deletes point and primitive attributes.

Since 14.0

The Attribute Delete op allows you to manually delete point and primitive attributes.


Prepend with Attributes from Reference Geometry

When this parameter is enabled, attributes from the reference geometry (second input) are inserted before the user-specified ones. For example, if the second input has point attributes bar and foo, and the Point Attributes parameter is set to score weight, then the effective list of point attributes becomes bar foo score weight. This allows you to also subtract attributes: setting Point Attributes to ^bar will delete foo, but keep bar around.

Delete Non Selected

When enabled, only the specified attributes are kept; otherwise, only the specified attributes are deleted.

Point Attributes

Specify existing point attributes to delete.

Vertex Attributes

Specify existing vertex attributes to delete.

Primitive Attributes

Specify existing primitive attributes to delete.

Detail Attributes

Specify existing detail attributes to delete.

Update Local Variables

All local variables referring to the renamed and deleted attributes are also renamed or deleted.

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