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APEX Scene Animate geometry node

Edits the animation on an APEX scene.

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Since 20.0
This feature is still under development. The current functionality is unfinished and subject to change, and may have thin or no documentation. Please bear this in mind when using it.

This node allows you to edit the animation on an APEX scene using the animate state, the viewer state on this node. See the animate state page for information on the available tools and functionality for animating, and the animation workflow for examples of how to use this node.


Reset Animation

Removes the animation that was added in the animate state. If no animation was previously added to the scene upstream from this node, the animation folder is deleted from the scene packed folder structure, which can be viewed in the rig tree view.

Reset Custom

Removes specific scene elements that were added in the animate state.

Reset All

Removes all changes made in the animate state, including the animation and constraints that were added. Deletes the animation and constraints folders from the scene packed folder structure.



The animation scene to add animation to.



The animation scene with the added animation.

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