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Labs Trim Texture geometry node

Interactive version of the Trim Texture node.

This node is the interactive version of the automatic trim texture tool. The tool takes in two inputs. The left (primary) input takes in the geometry you would like to Trim. It does not need UVs. The right (secondary) input takes in the Trim Texture that the geometry should be mapped to. This should be prepared using the Trim Texture Utility node.


To start using the tool, connect the inputs, select the node and hit enter to start using it.


Rightclicking in the viewport allows you to transform mode for the MMB key. Translate, Rotate, Scale, and Vertical and Horizontal adjustments.


Reset Trim Sheet Position

Pressing this button will reset the trim texture visualizer in the viewport to its standard location.

Trim Texture Scale

Modifies the scale of the trim texture visualizer in the viewport.

Preserve UV Seams

Preserves the seams of input UVs to prevent warping. The input UVs should be clean when using this option.

Trimsheet Assignments

Prim Selection

The primitive number of the incoming geometry to be mapped.


The TrimID attribute value of the target trim texture strip.


Post-trim assignment translation.


Post-trim assignment rotation.


Post-trim assignment scale.

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