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Peak geometry node

Moves primitives, points, edges or breakpoints along their normals.

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The Peak operation translates primitives, points, edges or breakpoints along each of their normals. If no group is specified, all the points are translated along their normals.

When using primitives, the points are translated along the average normal of their primitives. This differs from translating along the points' normal because only primitives specified in the group are considered and the points normal attribute is ignored.



Primitives, points, edges or breakpoints to translate.

Group Type

The type of elements referenced in the group field.


The translation distance.

Recompute Point Normals

Recomputes point normals if they exist.



The number of points.


The number of primitives.


PeakEars Example for Peak geometry node

This is an example of how to use the Peak SOP to create pointed ears on a head.

The Peak SOP is given the point numbers of the points to be “peaked”. It then translates them along their normals to create the pointed ears.

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