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Group Find Path geometry node

Constructs groups for paths between elements.

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Since 18.0

Constructs groups for paths between elements. Paths are minimized over the number of turns and the distance.


Source geometry

The geometry on which to find the paths.


Group Name

The name of the group to store the constructed path in, when disabled, no groups will be created.

Base Group

A group specifying an ordered sequence of elements that will be used to construct one or more paths.

Group Type

The type of elements to include in the constructed path.


These options allow modifying the path creation procedure.

Path Type

The method of specifying the constructed path. When Path Type is Paths through Each Base Group Element in Order, the path will be constructed as a sequence of subpaths connecting contiguous elements in the Base Group. When Path Type is Loops or Rings Starting from Elements in Base Group, the path will construct a number of subpaths using only a starting element to specify the path. When Path Type is Paths between Start/End Pairs in Base Group, the Base Group will be paired, with each pair specifying the start and end element of a new path.

Path Ending

The type of loop to construct. Stop at End will only create the shortest path between elements. Extend to Edge will extend the path as far as possible without any sharp turns. Close Path will attempt to find a secondary path back to the beginning without intersecting with the original path.

Avoid Self Intersection

When selected, sub-paths will avoid crossing elements and paths that have already been constructed. Sub-paths are given priority by the order that they are specified in the Base Group. If paths are unable to be created, a warning will be shown.

Edge Path Style

When finding paths between edges, one can use the Edge Path Style to allow both rings and loops, allow only loops, or allow only rings.


These options allow supplying extra constrains that the path must follow.

UV Attribute

Used to restrict a path to a region connected by a UV Attribute.

Collision Group

A group of elements to avoid when finding paths.

Collision Group Type

The type of element in the Collision Group. The Collision Group Type does not need to be the same as the Group Type.

Contain within Collision Group

Constrains constructed paths within the supplied Collision Group.

Allow Paths along Collision Group Boundary

When enabled, will require both half edges on an edge to be free of collisions while constructing edge loops, and will require entire polygons to be free of collisions while constructing rings and primitive loops.


GroupFindPathBasic Example for Group Find Path geometry node

This example shows how to create a path between a sequence of edges that is closed and avoids specified primitives.

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