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Labs Auto UV geometry node

Automatically Generates UV Attributes

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One of our top nodes in our toolset.

Several different methods for automatically generating UVs on input meshes.



UV Attribute

Name of the output attribute


Algorithm used to generate the UVs

Shortest Path

The Shortest Path method, will identify areas of high curvature on a mesh and then draw shortest paths between those points.

Collapse Distance

Fuse Threshold in case paths are too close together

Number of Paths

Number of high curvature points to use as path points

Convex Multiplier

Attract the seams based on high convexity (helpful for hard surface models)

Occlusion Multiplier

Attract the seams based on Ambient Occlusion (helpful for organic models)


Clusters primitives based on position and normal attributes to generate islands

Number of Clusters

Number of Islands to be generated

Normal Blur

Blur the Normals a bit when considering which normals are close together (will merge islands together)

Random Seed

Randomly change the clustering

UV Unwrap

Use the build in UV Unwrap node. While usually not the best solution, this combined with Merge Small Islands is generally one of the best solutions.


Number of Projection Planes.

UV AutoSeam

Use the new UV Autoseam node

Grain Tolerance

When Splitting is “Curvature based”, controls how sensitive grains are to changes in normal direction across surfaces. A value of zero is very sensitive and produces tiny grains. Larger values up to 1 are less sensitive and produce larger grains.

Merge Threshold

Controls how often smaller grains merge to become larger islands. 0 never merges (giving the initial grains as output), 1 merges all connected grains together (giving no seams in the output). You can tweak this control, centering around 0.5, to get more or fewer seams.

Packing Options

Merge Small Islands

Consolidates Small UV Islands into Larger Neighbors

Small Island CutOff

Size threshold of the islands that will be merged back into larger pieces

Optimize UV Border

Attempts to cleanup triangles that are sticking to the side of the UV island. May cause small islands to reappear

Flattening Method

Defines how to flatten the Islands.

Orientation Mode

How to rotate the islands when packing

Packing Iterations

How many times to attempt fitting the islands together

Island Padding

How many pixels to pad the islands by

Padding Resolution

Reference Resolution for Island Padding


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