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Runs Gaea .TOR files from inside Houdini.

The Gaea Tor Processor allows you to run .TOR graphs created in Quadspinner Gaea from within Houdini inside your node graph. The toolset ships a few presets with it, but the primary use-case is to load custom .TOR graphs you have created in Gaea.


It is important you have Gaea 1.2 or newer installed in order to use this tool. See Gaea’s Website to download or read more about the software.


In $SIDEFXLABS/misc/gaea/Template you can find a blank .TOR file with an input and output already configured to work with the plugin. Use that as a startingpoint to build your own .TOR if you are having issues.


When using the TOR processor inside TOPs/PDG, it is important to make use of the “Extra Data” parameter on the node. For example by providing it with @pdg_index This ensures that each work-item saves its data to a unique file.


See Gaea’s documentation on how to configure your .TOR files for use with this plugin.


Gaea Automation File

The path to the Gaea automation file (.TOR) that should be loaded and processed.


Run Gaea and generate the output for this node.

Auto Cook

When this toggle is enabled, Gaea will automatically recook this node when either the input or this node’s parameters have changed.

Use Preset

Enabling this toggle will turn on the preset mode for this node. Once enabled, it will list all .TOR files found in the directory specified in the “Presets Directory” parm as presets for this node.


Extra Data

Provide any extra data that should be encoded into the output data (cache) of this node. This is important for cases where you are either cooking this node in a loop, or when used with TOPs/PDG.

Presets Directory

This is the folder that will get scanned for .TOR files used by the preset system.

Cache Dir

This is the directory used to store cache data generated by the node. Removing this directory will “uncook” the node.

Export Path

Specify a custom location for the output of this node.

Hide Gaea Dialog

Enabling this will hide the command line build process while cooking.


Enabling this checkbox will run Gaea on a single processor. This ensures that the output generated by this node is deterministic, at the expense of losing any multi-threading benefits for speed.

Use Bleeding Edge Gaea

Enabling this checkbox will make this node use the Bleeding Edge builds installed for Gaea. Enable this if you want to make use of them (if installed).

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